Glowing in your own skin

Glowing in your own skin

MASERU – IN March this year ’Makhalalelo Mosoeu suffered from a skin problem. The following month, the troubling condition gave birth to a business idea – one she intends to grow into a thriving empire.
While many women use make-up and some bleach their skin to achieve a lighter look, for Mosoeu the solution lies in women glowing in their own natural skin colour.
“You can glow without bleaching your skin,” she says.

This is what she hopes to inspire through her company, Leafglow.
Her business deals with health and beauty products such as toners, tissue oil, night scrub, natural teas to flatten the stomach, black seed oil, black seed soap and turmeric soap.
In her 30s, Mosoeu says the secret for her products lies in natural herbs, black seed, charcoal and oil.
Born in Mohale’s Hoek, Mosoeu explains that she always had a knack to take on new challenges and try new experiences since childhood.
Being a bookworm also helps.

“I developed my skills for herbs through reading,” she says.
It all started with a skin problem in March this year.
She could not think of anything artificial to remedy the situation and it took her creativity to mix some herbs and other products for a solution.

She says she tested the solution on herself before sharing the good news with others.
“I posted the product on Facebook and the response was overwhelming,” she says.
She then decided to expand her product range and the result has been amazing.

Describing her journey in business, Mosoue says she started out with only M49 to buy oil.
She says she took advantage of Lesotho’s rich natural herbs which are easily and freely available.
With just a bottle of oil, Mosoeu explains she mixes her herbs to come up with about 10 bottles of tissue oil and skin oil.

Mosoeu says her skin problem opened the way for her to help others heal using natural products.
“This is exactly the basis (that saw me set up) my business,” she says, adding that she wants women to feel proud of their own skin colour.
“I believe we were created differently with different skin colours on purpose,” she argues.

Some of her products are available on the shelves of some prominent shops in South Africa, Botswana and Eswatini.
She says her products have not only changed her livelihood and financial status, but have changed the lives of other people.
“I now have more than 10 agents and 90 percent of them survive on selling these products,” she says.

Her customers are testifying to the positive effects of Leafglow products.
“For black women who have been brainwashed by societal expectations that women are beautiful when they are on their make-up, these products are everything,” says one of her customers, Sekhothali Patience Mphafi on Facebook.

However, Mosoeu also has to contend with a myriad of challenges that include dealing with different personalities who form the core of her customers.
“It is a known business principle that customers have to be treated like kings and queens but sometimes I have to submit beyond limit when meeting some customers,” she says.
Meeting increasing demand is also a challenge, albeit a welcome one.

Mosoeu says demand for her products is extremely high since she is exporting to three countries. She also has to supply the local market at a time she is yet to fully equip her operations.
“This puts me under a lot of pressure because I have to work very hard using house equipment,” she says.
Mosoeu says since women are still not yet fully trusted to establish big and thriving businesses, she wants to be a living testimony to other women that they can make it in the business world.

She says after her divorce in 2018, she experienced severe depression because she had spent her entire years in marriage doing nothing but enjoying being a house-wife.
She says after the divorce, she had nothing “even a spoon”, and she had to take care of her son.
It was an important learning curve.
“We rely too much on our spouses and we even forget that a person can change anytime,” she says.
“As women we have to rise.”

Refiloe Mpobole

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