‘I Kept on  Crying’

‘I Kept on Crying’

MASERU – Out of a personal tragedy a captivating debut memoir has just been published by ZIABLE Publisher. The memoir, aptly titled I Kept on Crying, graphically details the horrors experienced by a woman named Koli (Koliswa Notshulwana).

Clearly, Koli did not miss the signals that her boyfriend, later her husband, was an abuser. She simply ignored them because of blind love. The consequences were regrettably detrimental to her.
Hers was supposed to be a fairy-tale affair, but soon all hell broke loose as things descended into a matrix of brutal sexual, emotional and physical abuse. His fist of rage became her staple food and sex with her became his weapon of demeaning and dehumanising her.

In his eyes she was sub-human to be brutally punished without provocation. He tried but failed to break her spirit by trying to close all her social networks and discouraging her from furthering her studies so that she could forever remain beholden to him.

Despite living in hell because of a monster husband and constantly writhing with pain and displaying scars, she stuck it out. Cultural practices and beliefs forced her to hold on to her marriage despite the negative emotional and physical impact on her life.

In addition to what young girls are taught as they grow up, things get worse when women are prepared for marriage. Koli was at that time a typical victim of mosali o ngalla motšeo.
Luckily, she finally defied the odds and ignored the divorce stigma by leaving her abusive husband. Finally, she imploded and left him, and with that cut to size the over-sized ego of her villain husband. This was no mean feat by any account as in many cases, she could have easily been a victim of that increasing and dreadful act of criminality called femicide.
After reading the powerful foreword, I ravaged the rest of the pages by the author and I was not disappointed.

Koli’s debut memoir is tightly wound and the details of the dark moments add up to a gripping storyline which is in sync. Koli does a magnificent job which makes this book essential reading for every woman and man.

It is a necessary tool for young girls and boys to gauge the kind of marriages they enter into. In the final analysis and on account of her experiences, I personally wish this memoir were not true but a work of fiction. To derive a thrilling and pleasurable reading – in one night – out of such tragedy seems so obscene.
Her book launch will be held at University of Pretoria on December 7, 2018. The book is available at Pioneer Mall, Rios Africa Pty Lifestyle Books, at the entrance between Barcelos and Spur. The book is M150 per copy.

Makamohelo Kefuoe Bereng- Nkongoane

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