In the mix

In the mix

MASERU – FAKO Moshoeshoe chuckles when asked if he was aware his name is being mentioned among those touted to replace Prime Minister Thomas Thabane.
“I don’t know who nominated me,” Moshoeshoe says with a giggle.
It is a ruse many politicians have used for years.

The rule seems to be that politicians must not be seen to be too eager to replace the man at the top. Seek no limelight lest you open yourself up to accusations of trying to topple the leader.
Be cautious of actively seeking nominations because the people might see you as power- hungry.
That, of course, does not mean stifling one’s ambitions.

Canvasing is acceptable as long as it’s done in hushed, closed doors or coached proxies.
Not that Moshoeshoe has done that. Perhaps he just happens to have a good support base that thinks it’s his time to lead the government.
Now that Thabane is “willingly” leaving office and his name has been mentioned for the position, Moshoeshoe is speaking openly about his ambition.
He does so guardedly though.

“It’s the ambition of almost every human being to lead their country. Everyone has to wait for their chance but if elected I will accept the will of the people,” Moshoeshoe says.
He believes he has the support of MPs to carry him to State House.
For that he is banking on his position as chairman of the ABC’s parliamentary caucus.
Moshoeshoe says whoever will replace Thabane should be “a patriotic leader who puts the country first”.

Thabane, he says, is a patriot who lost his grip because of age.
“The management went wrong. A government needs an energetic leader,” he says.
“Our leader, who we love so much, is ageing”.

He says if elected he will appoint principled ministers who respect the values of the country, the people and the party.
He plans to kick-start the economy which he describes as “dead”.
That tonic to the economy will come from increased revenue collection, a revival of agriculture and a focus on youth empowerment projects.
The idea, he says, is to create more jobs for young people.

“This will be supported by strong health and education sectors. There will also be a strong effort to fight corruption because that is what is also damaging our economy.”
Moshoeshoe wants to wean Lesotho off aid and donations, saying “they make us too dependent instead of working on growing our own economy”.

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