I’ve sinned, pray for me, says Scott

I’ve sinned, pray for me, says Scott

MASERU – MOMENTS after his dramatic escape from prison, Lehlohonolo Scott appeared at a church concert at the Memorial Hall in Maseru and asked for prayers.
The concert was hosted by the St John’s Apostolic Church which Scott attends.
It would appear that by that time the prison authorities were not aware of his escape.

Matšepo Moholisa, a congregant who was at the concert, told Justice Teboho Moiloa on Tuesday that there was commotion outside the hall when Scott arrived.
Moholisa said when they went outside Scott said: “I sinned against the heaven, earth and church including you, please put me in your prayers.”

“As we were praying for him, I asked him how he got out of prison and he said ‘by a miracle’. I then asked him how did he know that we were there having a church concert and he told me that he listened to a radio as he had one,” Moholisa said.
Moholisa said Scott told her that after escaping, he used the Lerotholi Polytechnic route then negotiated his way through the bushes along the banks of Mohokare River until he reached Fraser’s Memorial Hall.
She said Scott told them that he had just come to the concert to see them but was rushing to Lekokoaneng.
Scott was arrested for the alleged murder of Mobolobela Seetsa and Kamohelo Mohata of Koalabata in 2012 but escaped a few months later.

He was arrested in South Africa in April 2014 and extradited to Lesotho a year later. His trial for escaping has gripped the country for the past few weeks.
But weeks into the trial and several witnesses later, the question of how Scott escaped from Lesotho’s most secure prison remains largely unanswered.

Last week his lawyer, Advocate Thulo Hoeane, said Scott told him he was abducted from prison by unknown men. That was a stunning deviation to the story that the Lesotho Correctional Services (LCS) peddled days after Scott escaped.
Back then, the LCS speculated that Scott had smeared himself with Vaseline and then squeezed out through a small cell widow that has burglar bars.

But one prison warder told the court last week that it is highly unlikely that Scott could have escaped through the window.
The more plausible explanation, he said, is that he could have been assisted to get out through the main entrance.
Yet in seeking the answer to this elusive question it appears that no one bothered to ask the man himself, Scott, how he escaped.
Advocate Hoeane this week told the court that it appears that even Senior Inspector Mphelehetse Khatleli, the leader of the police team that investigated the escape, did not ask Scott how he got out.
Senior Inspector Khatleli told the court that even after Scott had been rearrested and brought back to Lesotho he never asked him how he escaped.

“I do not know how he escaped as I have never asked him even after I met him at the border gate on October 21, 2015. I will also not disagree if he tells us how he left as I was not there when he left,” he said.
The LCS’ Chief Officer, Hlalele ’Mabathoana, also told the court that he did not know how Scott got out of prison as he never received a report stating how he escaped.

“From my rank, I never knew the outcomes of the investigations and it was only known by the superiors and never heard of any information from anyone telling me how he escaped,” ’Mabathoana said.
He said Scott was never subjected to an interview as per the standard procedure when he was brought to prison the second time.
’Mabathoana explained that although it was his duty to keep the records of the inmates he does not recall of any report explaining how Scott escaped.

On Tuesday, a South African police officer who arrested Scott in South Africa on April 6, 2014, told the court that he also never knew how Scott escaped from prison.
Colonel Frank Saunders said when he arrested him at a church in Durban, Scott asked him if it was necessary for him to be handcuffed as he was helped to get out of prison.
“After he told me that he was helped to escape, I never asked him how because my duty was only to arrest him and give him to the police,” he said.

Itumeleng Khoete


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