Justice for Letsaba

Justice for Letsaba

MASERU – POLICE officer Tau Letšaba might have won his case at the Ombudsman but he is not going to get the position he is fighting for because it has already been filled.
Yet that doesn’t mean that the Ombudsman Leshele Thoahlane’s appeal to Parliament on his behalf is academic.

Thoahlane wants Parliament to compensate Letšaba by paying him his allowances or a top-up on his monthly salary for the period he was attached to the DCEO.
He is asking Parliament to order the anti-corruption unit to pay an 18.5 percent interest on what he says it owes Letšaba.

The Ombudsman also had harsh words for the DCEO which he said has “behaved in a disappointing manner for an institution of its nature”.
“As an oversight body it is supposed to set a good example for other organisations within the Kingdom of Lesotho on how to promote and protect people’s rights but it has failed dismally in this case,” he said.

“Even when an authority in the form of Ombudsman duly recommends to it on how best to cure the cause of complaint, it turned a deaf ear and defied the Ombudsman”.
He said he hopes Parliament will use its “constitutional teeth” to do everything in its power to make the DCEO comply with his recommendations.

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