Khasu left TRU for petty reasons, say Maisa

Khasu left TRU for petty reasons, say Maisa

MASERU – DEPUTY leader of the Truth and Reconciliation Unity (TRU) party, Pitso Maisa, says his leader Tlali Khasu left the party to rejoin All Basotho Convention (ABC) for petty reasons.
Khasu told thepost that he rejoined the ABC, where he was expelled in 2017, because he believes in the fight being waged by the faction he has joined.
He said the pro-Professor Nqosa Mahao faction which is in a bitter fight with party leader Prime Minister Thomas Thabane, is experiencing the same problems he endured before he was kicked out of the party.
Khasu said the Professor Mahao faction invited him to join the camp.
Maisa said Khasu informed him that the Mahao – led faction want them in their camp.
But he refused to join Khasu because he is not ready to join any of the two factions.

Maisa said he is not joining the faction loyal to Prime Minister Thomas Thabane because people who forced him to leave the ABC are still rallying behind Thabane.
“I did not fight with ntate Thabane when I left the party,” he said.
Maisa said the TRU is still intact and to his best knowledge only Khasu has left the party.
He said they are still holding meetings to come up with ways of growing the party.
Khasu defected to the Mahao-led faction last Sunday at a rally held in Peka constituency, vowing to fight Thabane to the end.
“Dictators use intimidation to scare people from fighting for what is right. Now we will fight until the dictator falls,” he said.
Maisa said unlike Khasu, he will hold on to the TRU, although he was once spotted at one of Thabane’s rallies. He said he attended the rally after the Prime Minister asked him to but this did not imply that he would defect to the pro-Thabane faction.

Maisa said he was informed that the TRU Secretary General,  one Bobeli Maqelepo has also left the party.
“But l am not sure about this because l was only told so,” he said.
He said he would not go back to ABC as he did not have valid reasons to justify such a move to his supporters.
Maisa said he told Khasu to tell the Professor Mahao faction to form a separate party if they had any hope of attracting him and his supporters.
“They should rather stand alone so that we join them”.
“How can I leave ABC and go back to it?” Maisa asked, adding that despite the developments he still enjoyed cordial relations with Khasu as they knew each other from way back.
Maisa said the TRU leadership will meet this coming weekend to map the way forward.
“We will decide there if we should fill the vacant positions or not,” he said.

He said he would be glad to take over leadership of the party and grow it if elected this coming Sunday.
“Maybe the former leader was the problem. Now that he is not here we will see what to do,” said Maisa.
Meanwhile, the Professor Mahao faction further boosted its ranks when Lebohang Thotanyana joined the camp with 24 members from the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD). They are all from his Teya-Teyaneng constituency.

He told thepost that after lengthy negotiations with the Mahao faction he decided to be part of the camp.
“I am captivated by their policies and the way they do things. That is all I wanted to know and see before joining them,” he said.
Thotanyana said he is going to work hard for the benefit of ABC as he is now a member.
He said he left LCD because it had lost direction on issues such as the much talked Government of National Unity (GNU) proposed by some.
He said he is glad SADC did not approve of the formation of a GNU.

Nkheli Liphoto


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