Mahao camp vows to block conference

Mahao camp vows to block conference

MASERU – A SPOKESMAN of the Professor Nqosa Mahao’s faction in the All Basotho Convention (ABC), Montoeli Masoetsa, says his group will block a conference called by their rivals for January 31.
Masoetsa told thepost this week that the conference, called by the ABC administrator in the Thomas Thabane faction, Nkaku Kabi, will not see the light of day.

Even in the face of a recent court order clipping the faction’s wings, the Thabane camp is still defiantly holding itself as the lawful party leadership.
Masoetsa’s threat to block the conference comes after Kabi wrote a circular on December 17, a few days the High Court clipped Thabane’s wings, calling ABC members to the conference.

Masoetsa said the conference will not happen because it is being called without the approval of the lawful party leadership.
The Mahao faction suspended both Kabi and Thabane from their positions of deputy secretary general and leader respectively.

Masoetsa urged the ABC members not to heed the call as it was unlawful.
“We will start doing our job for the sake of ABC members because we are lawfully in office,” Masoetsa said.
He said the ABC constitution is clear on the duties of the secretary general, who is the only one mandated to call a special conference.

“One should also check the duties of the deputy secretary general if it is there,” he added, saying Kabi should not give himself responsibilities that are not his.

Masoetsa said the newly elected ABC executive committee will now officially begin work, after a year of bitter internal wrangling.
He said the ABC national executive committee will meet next Tuesday to direct the secretary general to write a lawful circular blocking the conference.
Masoetsa said the circular will make it clear to the ABC members that the Thabane-led faction does not have legal powers to represent the party anymore.

“This conference has not been called by the (lawful) committee as it should,” he said.
Masoetsa said the duties of the secretary general include receiving letters from and sending them to constituencies communicating the executive committee’s decisions.

“(The secretary general) should also work with the general administration and also prepare the agenda for meetings,” he said.
He said the constitution does not talk about the deputy secretariat but only the substantive secretary.
“(Kabi’s) circular was just a joke,” he said.

He also said they will announce the dates for the conference that will be organised by the executive committee.
Masoetsa said the executive will also decide on when to renew the membership of the party.
“We are now in office.”

On the other hand the other faction’s spokesman whom Thabane chose when suspended Masoetsa last year, Sentle Rabale, is adamant that the conference will proceed as scheduled.
Rabale, from Mashai constituency, said nothing will stop them from holding the conference because they lawfully replaced those that Thabane suspended.
He said he became the spokesman of the party after a circular stipulated that they had been selected to fill the existing vacancies.

He said the circular calling the conference was released to enable members to come and renew their membership as stipulated by their party constitution.
“It was followed by a circular calling members for the reflection conference,” Rabale said.
He said their conference is scheduled for January 31, 2020 adding that “the constituencies are already sending names of delegates”.

Nkheli Liphoto


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