Mahao warns of ABC  disaster

Mahao warns of ABC disaster

MASERU – THE deputy leader of All Basotho Convention (ABC), Professor Nqosa Mahao, says talks to unite the fractured party have stalled after five attempts, warning that the party could be decimated in the next elections if the wounds are not healed fast.
He was speaking to scores of ABC members on Sunday in Mohale’s hoek, as rival factions fighting to control the party continue holding parallel public gatherings.

Mahao leads a faction tussling with party leader and Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s group, which is mainly composed of outgoing members of the ABC top executive.
Mahao’s group is made up mostly of members of the newly-elected executive.
Mahao claimed his group is in the process of rebuilding the party after the NEC election fiasco.
“Those comrades should join hands with us to solve the problems in the party,” he said.

The party faces electoral problems if it fails to unite, he said, citing that in 2017 the ABC garnered only 40 percent of the voters.
Mahao said over one million Basotho were registered for elections, although only 46 percent came out to vote. Those who stayed at home instead of voting have lost trust in political parties, he said.

Le tla re chabela, re tla chabeloa ke la manong le matlaka a ileng a sotla Basotho a lahlela batho ka matamong ke lona le tla re chabela,” he said.
“Let us not allow our party to separate because there is no way Basotho would trust us if we do not respect democracy in our party,” he said.
Mahao told the supporters that the new committee is willing to settle for talks after being dragged to courts.

Mahao said they once invited members of the old committee for talks.
“We even sought intervention and in all five meetings, they did not attend until the court accepted that the talks failed,” he added.
The newly-elected ABC chairperson Sam Rapapa accused former secretary-general Samonyane

Ntsekele of removing from the electoral list names of some people who wanted to contest the elections.
“He withdrew the name of Mamoipone Senauoane of Thaba Tseka saying she did not qualify,” he said.

Nkheli Liphoto


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