’Maseribane warns of unrest

’Maseribane warns of unrest

MASERU – Basotho National Party (BNP) leader, Chief Thesele ’Maseribane, has warned of bubbling unrest within his party.
Chief ’Maseribane, who is also the Minister of Communications, urged the youths to stop fanning internal divisions.
He was speaking at the inauguration of the BNP youth league in Quthing on Saturday.
’Maseribane said the youths must be at the forefront of growing the party’s support base.

He said gossiping and holding grudges against each other will not help the party grow in any way.
“Why are you gossiping about one another? You should fully understand the constitution of the party,” ’Maseribane said.
He told the party youths that all of them were leaders and therefore should not be concerned about who is holding leadership positions.
“I am not the leader. Thesele is not the leader but all of you are leaders as you are delegates from your respective constituencies,” he said.

‘Maseribane told the youths that they should work together and shore up each other so that their party could grow.
He told them that he was once a youth leader himself and today he is the leader of the party.

He said he was elected in line with the constitution of the party adding the party’s constitution dictates that every member of the party should work for unity.
‘Maseribane admitted that he was also ambitious when he was still young. But he said after being defeated in internal elections he would shake hands with them and moved on.
It was only decades later that he was elected BNP leader,

‘Maseribane said at times he was hauled before the party’s disciplinary committee for acting wrongly during his days when he was a youth leader.
“We cannot grow if the National Executive Committee (NEC) does not give the youth league a chance,” ‘Maseribane said.

He said as he moves around the constituencies in the country he has noticed that youths are flocking in great numbers to join the BNP from other political parties.
He said as the leader together with the BNP NEC they are working hard to forge a relationship with other political parties so that they can work together in future.
That is the legacy he wants to bequeath to future generations, he said.

‘Maseribane said it was his BNP which brought textile companies into Lesotho under the leadership of Chief Leabua Jonathan.
He said the factories were first set up at Ha Thetsane and later rolled out to other places.
The BNP youth league committee is elected after every three years.

He said October is the most important month in the history of BNP because it was when the former leader of the BNP took the reins of power at independence in 1966.
October also marks 59 years of the formation of the party.
He appealed to BNP elders not to interfere with the BNP youth league elections.

Majara Molupe

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