MEC suspends MP for ‘misconduct’

MEC suspends MP for ‘misconduct’

MASERU – AN MP for the Movement for Economic Change (MEC), Thabo Ramatla, has been suspended from the party for alleged misconduct.
thepost understands that the MEC suspended Ramatla to pave way for an investigation into what role he played in the theft of culverts that belonged to the Ministry of Public Works in Mafeteng.
A seething Ramatla however told this newspaper that he was not happy that his suspension had been leaked to the media when it should have been dealt with internally.
As a result of his suspension, Ramatla has also been suspended from contesting the MEC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) elections scheduled for this weekend.

Ramatla is also suspected of criminal acts including hijacking and robbing a Chinese man of almost M3 million.
The MEC’s spokesman, Napo Moshoeshoe, told thepost in an interview that they are not interested in the crimes Ramatla is alleged to have committed but to ensure the party’s name is not dragged in the mud.
The suspension letter dated April 30, 2019, says Ramatla will be blocked from enjoying his MEC membership because of the on-going investigation regarding his behaviour.
“There has been issuance of a circular to all MEC constituencies for members who may want to fill Ramatla’s membership for contesting the NEC elections,” Moshoeshoe said.
He said constituencies have been given up to May 2, 2019 to fill all the recommendations,” he said.

Ramatla is also alleged to have leased his car to the government and the action was in violation of the party’s position that no MEC member should be involved in leasing vehicles to the government.
Ramatla said “all the crimes that I am alleged to have committed are still in court and I will not be found guilty until the courts have proven me so”.
“The suspension letter is validated hence I responded to such letter but what shocked me is the leakage of the letter to the media,” Ramatla said.
“I can’t comment about the letter as there is a procedure to be followed in such party issues.”

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