Mochoboroane defiant

Mochoboroane defiant

…….. Says won’t change the way PAC works………..

MASERU – Selibe Mochoboroane says the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) will not change the way in which it conducts its business.
Mochoboroane’s statement comes after the PAC was subjected to a barrage of criticism following the death of a senior Ministry of Home Affairs official, Khahliso Soro.
Soro was found dead in suspicious circumstances in a disused house at his home in Ha-Seoli two weeks ago. His clothes had splatters of blood suggesting that he could have been murdered.
Soro, who was the events coordinator in the Ministry of Home Affairs, was due to appear before the PAC to explain how the ministry had spent money that had been allocated for King Letsie III’s 50th birthday celebrations.

He had earlier been grilled for three days by the PAC over how the money was spent. He never made it to the committee hearing.
His lifeless body was discovered seven days after he disappeared at his home.
Soro was buried at his home in Ha-Pita last Saturday.

But the burial soon became a platform to lambast the PAC with mourners blaming Mochoboroane’s committee for “causing” Soro’s death.
Speaker after speaker at the burial, which was attended by senior government officials, attacked the PAC accusing it of overzealousness in its approach in fighting corruption, a charge Mochoboroane says is misguided.

The Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs ‘Machabana Letsie-Lemphane told mourners that she had asked the PAC to conduct its hearings in camera to protect witnesses.
But her request was turned down, she said.
Letsie-Lemphane said the PAC should tread carefully if Soro is to be the last “victim”.

Mochoboroane told thepost this week that the deceased disappeared after lunch when his hearing was to continue.
He said they were asked to hold the hearing in camera after Soro disappeared but “I do not understand how in camera hearing would have (protected him)”.
Mochoboroane insisted that the PAC is not going to change the manner in which it conducts its business.

“Ministries should tell us truthful information even before we can hold the hearings if they need privacy. All we need is the truth about what happens with public funds,” he said.
He said he did not understand what the Principal Secretary’s argument was because they had allowed the hearing to continue in camera. He said it was the ministry’s legal officer who objected to the request.

Mochoboroane said it would be in the best interests of the public if the people who sent the deceased text messages are identified and brought to justice.
“They should stop shifting the blame on us because we will not stop working the way we do,” he added.
Police spokesman Superintendent Mopeli says the police are investigating a case of murder.

Nkheli Liphoto

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