Mofomobe in social media brawl with MEC youths

Mofomobe in social media brawl with MEC youths

MASERU-BASOTHO National Party (BNP) spokesman Machesetsa Mofomobe is locked in a fierce verbal brawl on social media with the Movement for Economic Change (MEC) youth league.
Mofomobe, who is also Home Affairs Deputy Minister, last week attacked MEC leader Selibe Mochoboroane on Facebook account over his fierce stance against corruption.

He said Mochoboroane had done nothing when he was a minister in the last government to fight corruption to ensure that companies in which the government owned shares remitted dividends.
He said he was surprised that Mochoboroane is now actively fighting against the companies’ failure to declare dividends now that he is chairman of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

His criticism of Mochoboroane attracted a fierce verbal attack from the MEC youth league.
The secretary general of the MEC youth league, Nkajane Lethoba, hit back at Mofomobe saying his leader deserved respect.
Mochoboroane a fortnight ago summoned companies that ought to pay dividends to the government but are failing to do so.

The companies were asked to account for their ineptitude.
Mofomobe in the Facebook post accused Mochoboroane of “dismally failing to make those companies pay dividends” when he was still in government.

Mofomobe said their government in just two years has made Avani to pay dividends amounting to M7 million while Mochoboroane’s government failed to do so over the years.
Lethoba said Mofomobe should not talk like that about their leader.
Mochoboroane is the MP for Thabana-Morena constituency.

Lethoba said they are not only protecting their leader against Mofomobe but they are shielding the PAC members as they are collaboratively trying to save the government’s funds from being siphoned off.
He said the Minister of Finance is persistently saying the government is broke.

“As the MECYL we think Machesetsa should emulate the hard work of Mochoboroane and stop criticising him even when he is doing well,” Lethoba said.
He said their leader has done exceptionally well in all the ministries that he has worked including being the PAC chairperson.
“So I think Machesetsa should rather emulate Mochoboroane instead of being against him,” Lethoba said.
Lethoba further told Mofomobe to clean his own house first citing that there are always long queues at the Ministry of Home Affairs’ National Identity Cards Registration (NICR) that need his attention.

He said Mofomobe should work to clear the backlog at Home Affairs instead of attacking their leader.
“Even at the border gate we are still facing a problem as the country that Machesetsa has to solve,” Lethoba said.
He blamed Mofomobe for embarking on cheap politics in that he is always against everything no matter how good or bad it is.

“We want a minister who makes sure that we grow economically not the one who is always focusing on Facebook,” he said.
Lethoba criticised Mofomobe for showing immaturity in politics saying it appears like he is not sure that he is in government or not.
He said they want Mofomobe to leave their leader alone and to do what Basotho have elected him for.
But Mofomobe said Lesotho managed to have a considerable number of assets during the days of the late Chief Leabua Jonathan.

And such assets include Lesotho Flour Mills and many others that Mochoboroane’s government failed to collect dividends from.
He said now they act as if they could do something better.
Mofomobe said Avani was not paying dividends when Mochoboroane was part of the government two years ago.
“So we made Avani to pay dividends and at the end it seems as if Mochoboroane is the one who had pushed Avani to pay dividends,” Mofomobe said.

Mofomobe said while the congress government was in power, many people working at Avani embarked on industrial action and it is their new government that helped those people to get back to their jobs.
He said Mochoboroane was part of the government that failed.
“So I still stand proudly here and say Mochoboroane (never did) anything during their government but our government did something. I do not care what the MECYL are saying,” he said.

Thooe Ramolibeli

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