Motšomotšo burial set for today

Motšomotšo burial set for today

MASERU – Lieutenant General Khoantle Motšomotšo who was shot by his senior officers last week, will be laid to rest at his rural home in Ha-Lesaoana, Butha-Buthe, today. The general, born on September 9, 1960 is survived by a wife and two children.
He joined the army in 1980 and ended up as one of the best flight engineers the army had. He received extra training at the War College in South Africa and abroad.

The Lesotho Defence Force (LDF), the army he led for the past nine months, says it will remember him for his discipline and work ethic.
The army also said Motšomotšo was a perfectionist. Talking about how disciplined he was and how he did everything according to the book, Major Rakhoro of the Airwing Funeral Fund said he knew him since he was a sergeant as one of the supervisors at the air squadron in the 80s.
He remembers how he would follow every rule to the letter even when others felt it was no longer necessary.

Rakhoro said all those who were under his supervision knew that although he was soft spoken and meek, he was as tough as a rock when it came to following the rules. Rakhoro said he directly got intensive training at the Airwing from Motšomotšo.
They also knew him as a sportsman, especially marathon man, who despite approaching 60 years, outran many young soldiers in a recent military marathon.

Sergeant Major Mokhachane Selebalo said he remembered how punctual he was and how he knocked off late from work.
Selebalo said Motšomotšo would be the first one to arrive at work, before his subordinates, while he was still his immediate supervisor at the Airwing.
His juniors would try to sneak into the compound so that they would not be spotted but they would find him waiting for them at the parade ground ready to inspect them.

\He was particular about the proper way of wearing the military uniform, how each soldier should look and he would also test their physical fitness.
These things he did without fail for all days he spent at the Airwing. Colonel Phoka Nkeli, one of the General’s Staff, said Motšomotšo had many good qualities but the one that he will remember is how he cared about other people.

The general ensured that everybody in his staff was in good health. Nkeli said there was a colonel who was sickly and because the general wanted to ensure that this man was well, he assigned him to make sure that he had eaten all his three meals every day.

Nkeli’s job was make sure that this colonel had breakfast, lunch and dinner and he would fill in a form which the General would check.
Nkeli said he too is a beneficiary of Motšomotšo’s care for other people because when he was sick but felt that he still needed to go to work, he was ordered to go to a doctor.

Going to a doctor, according to the General, was part of a duty which a soldier had to take and obey as ordered.
Many speakers remembered his words that ‘Politics will haunt a soldier who run after them.’
One of his quotes is: I no longer hear, I want to see – when he instructed his soldiers to work rather than pay lip service.
Motšomotšo supported farming and encouraged it both at home and in the army.

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