Nyakane’s wife seeks protection order

Nyakane’s wife seeks protection order

MASERU – HEAVILY armed police officers and soldiers raided the home of a detained soldier, Captain Litekanyo Nyakane, after they allegedly found him with a concealed cellphone in his cell.
The raid last Friday left Nyakane’s wife, ’Mampho Nyakane, so shocked that she sought a protection order against the police.
’Mampho told the High Court she believed there is a plan to torture her.

She told Acting Chief Justice ’Maseforo Mahase, in court papers, that the police suspected that she gave her husband the phone which he had in his cell at Maseru Central Prison.
Nyakane is one of dozens of soldiers in custody for assault, attempted murder and murder.
’Mampho said she had information of a plot to move her husband to the maximum security area of the prison and “execute him under subterfuge that he was fighting”.
She said last Friday morning prison officials first told her that she could not see her husband but later “changed their stance”.

“I was summoned to an office whereupon I was informed that there were security concerns that were being addressed hence I could not be allowed to talk to my husband,” she said, adding that she only managed to hand him the parcels without saying a word.
’Mampho said on the evening of the same day, police officers and armed soldiers stormed and searched her home without saying anything to her.
“After some time, they angrily told me to hand over all the phone boxes in the house. I was shivering in fear, I could see my children’s bodies shivering,” she said.
“After searching the house, the police officers introduced themselves as Superintendent Thamae and Superintendent Lichaba telling me to report myself at police headquarters on Monday April, 8.”

She said they told her that she would tell them “the truth as to who gave my husband a phone in prison and I must bring along all the phones receipts with me”.
“From their tone, I understood them to mean that I am going to be tortured and verily believe that I am going to be tortured if I do not implicate my husband or myself,” she said.
“I must state at onset that I am not willing to say anything to police or assist them to investigate the case against my husband, myself or anyone that they may suspect.”
She said the officers warned her not to discuss the raid with anyone until she has been called to the police station.
They also said they knew that she was a soldier “so I know how things are done”.
“By this, I understood them to mean that they are going to torture me.”

’Mampho said on Saturday, she went to the prison to visit her husband and was told she would not be able to see him.
She said Nyakane’s relatives were given similar instructions.
She said when her lawyer intervened, he was told that my husband and the other soldiers are disrespectful and we will not be allowed to see nor give them food until further notice”.
’Mampho was arrested on Monday morning and was later released after being ordered not to go far from her home because the police might want to speak to her.
The Acting Chief Justice ’Maseforo Mahase declined to hear ’Mampho’s application, saying it should be filed in the magistrate’s court.
Justice Mahase said applications for interdicts are normally filed in the subordinate court and that “there are no exceptional circumstances justifying why an otherwise ordinary application of such nature must be filed in the High Court”.

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