Party wants Rantšo fired

Party wants Rantšo fired

MASERU – THE Reformed Congress of Lesotho (RCL) party has petitioned Prime Minister Thomas Thabane to fire its embattled leader Keketso Rantšo.
Rantšo, who is the Labour Minister, was toppled in a boardroom coup last month.
She has however dismissed the decision as a non-event.
The party members handed over the petition to Thabane last Thursday.

The RCL deputy secretary general, Retšelisitsoe Lesane, said they decided to act against Rantšo because she had consistently failed to report to the party the activities of the coalition government.
He said they want Rantšo withdrawn from the government. He said she can however remain as an MP.
“We will elect someone to represent us in government,” Lesane said.

However, the RCL cannot possibly have another minister in government if Rantšo is fired because she is their only MP.
The Cabinet in Lesotho is selected from MPs and senators only.
The RCL does not have a senator.
If Rantšo is recalled from the government, the RCL risks not having a representative in government with a ministerial position.

The party only has one principal secretary, ’Machabana Letsie-Lemphane, who is the Principal Secretary for the Ministry of Home Affairs.
Letsie-Lemphane, who is the party’s secretary general, has had fights with Rantšo over the administration of the party for the past two years.
Last month the RCL national executive committee announced that it had ousted Rantšo from the party’s leadership on the premise that she was not cooperative.

They also accused her of not attending the party’s meetings even when she was invited.
She was also accused of making unilateral decisions over party matters.
Lesane said they learnt with dismay over social media how Rantšo was stripped of her security while she was the Acting Prime Minister two weeks ago.

He said Rantšo’s statements to the media were likely to disrupt the good relationship the partners enjoyed in government.
The RCL is a junior partner in a government that also includes the All Basotho Convention, the Basotho National Party (BNP) and the Alliance of Democrats (AD).

The petition which was seen by thepost said Rantšo had not reported to her party what happened even though she had the guts to share sensitive details of the incident with the public.
Lesane said Rantšo was acting independently and had not consulted her party.

“It is for this reason that we let her go in the party,” he said.
He said they will nominate a new representative to the government even if that representative could not be appointed to cabinet.
Lesane said they were also not pulling out of government as the RCL but wants Rantšo recalled as an individual.
He told Thabane that the party will stand with the government in all respects including voting in Parliament.

However, Lesane said they were still to nominate a new representative.
Lesane said Rantšo will vote with the government with a directive from the party’s NEC.
“We are sure that the petition reached Rantšo by Friday last week,” he said.
The petition was copied to the Government Secretary, the AD, BNP, RCL deputy leader Dr Motloheloa Phooko and Rantšo.
Rantšo could not be reached for comment last night.

Majara Molupe


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