Pressure piles on Justice Mahase

Pressure piles on Justice Mahase

MASERU – A GROUP of people calling themselves “Concerned Basotho” will tomorrow petition the Acting Chief Justice ‘Maseforo Mahase to speed up the delivery of justice in Lesotho’s courts.
Speaking to thepost this week, Rethabile Rathebane, who is one of the petitioners, said they are concerned because of the serious delays in the administration of justice in the courts of law.
And they believe that justice delayed is justice denied.
He said before the courts have decided the cases of the people brought to courts, such people are sent to prison.
“We are worried about this because we support this government and we care for it. But the manner in which Justice Mahase and her colleagues deal with court issues leaves much to be desired,” Rathebane said.
He said this had resulted in some people losing confidence in the courts.

Rathebane said there were serious delays in dealing with court cases when Justice Nthomeng Majara was the Chief Justice.
“Then we thought things would be better if she was kicked out. But we do not see any difference, instead Justice Mahase is even worse,” he said.
Rathebana said they want Justice Mahase to account for the delays.
He said they are gravely worried about the manner in which Justice Mahase was conducting business in the courts adding they will not let things go on like this.
He argued that the delays in the administration of justice have negative consequences as some people might be forced to take the law into their own hands.
This is not good for Lesotho, Rathebane said.

He said he believed the coalition government can fix these problems and “we want to help it do the right thing”.
“We really want Justice Mahase to (account) for their acts in the courts. We heard that it was only a few weeks ago when they bragged that their ministry does not have money to run the courts properly,” he said.
“But we now know that M91 million was given to her ministry by Parliament,” Rathebane said.
He said the issue of Justice Mahase’s recent illness raised more questions than answers.
This is because it happened twice when they were going to court and wanted Justice Mahase to decide a case involving the leadership wrangle within the All Basotho Convention party.

Rathebane said they were told a day before the judgment was due that Justice Mahase would not be able to help them with their case. He said all they want is for the judge to deliver in the courts.
He said their fight would go on until they get a solution to their problem.
“We will not let this country to be in this mess. This is our country and we love it. We cannot let people do whatever they like because this will eventually trigger some serious problems for the country,” he said.

Thooe Ramolibeli


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