Qeme piles pressure on MP

Qeme piles pressure on MP

That is the message the Qeme community had for their MP, Nkaku Kabi, who is also the Minister of Health.
Kabi’s rally in Qeme on Saturday was poorly attended but it was not short on drama. The few people who packed into the small tent had come for answers from their MP.

Tefo Metsing, who claimed to represent the community, wanted to know why there is no development in the area. He said the people of Qeme were still struggling to get essential services.

“These people say they have elected the ABC into power so that it could bring a positive difference in their lives and some developments,” Metsing said, adding that the party has not fulfilled its promises.

“We were promised jobs, services closer to us and to get the Old Age Pension at 60 years old. All these promises have gone unfulfilled.”
While campaigning for the 2017 National Assembly elections, Prime Minister Thomas Thabane promised voters that he would give them the

Old Age Pension at the age of 50 years.
The community further asked Kabi if he is still expecting them to elect the ABC in the next elections.
Naturally, there was a comparison between the ABC government and the previous governments.

The people said under the previous governments, they were helped to plant beans in their area but now their fields are fallow.
Metsing said the main purpose of the rally was for Kabi to explain what had gone wrong.
Kabi said he was there to hear the people’s views.

“Since I am very busy, this was the only day I would use to talk to people of Qeme, otherwise the work I have been given by the Prime Minister requires me all the time. And it appears as though I have abandoned you like some of you are already saying,” Kabi said.

He told supporters that the issues of water and electricity are already on his table.
Kabi said they had already provided electricity to people in Ha Jimisi but the project has run into problems when it was time to connect other areas.

He blamed contractors who he said had failed to “live up to their promises”.
The minister said working in a coalition is tough because each party wants to do what is best for its supporters.

He said the government is still trying to create jobs for everyone but it was not easy.
He said someone young from Qeme will soon be travelling to Canada to look for people who want to invest in medical cannabis.
“This would help people from Qeme to get jobs, including me when I am no longer an MP,” he said.

Kabi said his rally was never meant to counter the one in Lithabaneng as some had claimed.
The reality is that we were not even expecting the Prime Minister, he said.
“This was for the constituency not for the Prime Minister.”

He was responding to speculation that Thabane was going to address the rally.
The Qeme people asked Kabi why Thabane was not at the rally, especially because “we hoped that he would be here so that we ask him

questions about the promises he has failed to fulfill”.
“As you can see, I am alone, I have nobody,” Kabi said.

The Qeme rally had less than 100 attendants and only six cars.
The rally started three hours late because there were no people.

Thooe Ramolibeli

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