Ramainoane,  in-laws in fresh fight over property

Ramainoane, in-laws in fresh fight over property

MASERU – CONTROVERSIAL MoAfrika FM managing director, Sebonomoea Ramainoane, and his in-laws are at each other throats over property, hardly four weeks after the burial of his wife. Ramainoane and the Phae family, his late wife ’Maclein Chere’s maiden family, were at the Master of the High Court’s office yesterday fighting over some property.

He says the Phae family must get out of his family affairs. He claims that they have in their possessions his property left by the wife and they have also kept his two children without his consent. ‘Mclein died last month after a short illness. There was controversy over who should bury her between her maiden family and Ramainoane. The matter was only settled after High Court judge Justice Tšeliso Monaphathi ruled in favour of Ramainoane a month ago.

Her father, Justice Phae, had asked the court to declare her marriage with Ramainoane null and void and of no effect.
Now, four weeks after her burial the widowed Ramainoane and the Phaes are fighting over the birth certificates of the two children, three car keys, policy contracts, various banking cards and a ‘sophisticated’ cell phone.

“That phone was the expensive model and the latest one,” Ramainoane told the Master of the High Court ’Mamatiea Matiea.
Ramainoane, who appeared as the applicant before the Master, said his late wife’s jewellery had also disappeared.
“My wife loved jewellery a lot,” he said.

He said he is unable to claim insurance for his children because he does not have the phone. He says he needs to use that phone to access his insurance policy. He told the Master of High Court that his relationship with his late wife had deteriorated significantly before her death.
He said the wife had “an adulterous relationship with one of my employees at MoAfrika FM”.

The name of the employee in question has been withheld because he could not be reached for comment. He said his parents-in-law knew of this relationship but had failed to stop it. Ramainoane further claimed he had also lost huge amounts of money because his wife was involved in some shady deals.

He insisted he wants to cut ties with the Phae family because “they are mulling to damage my children psychologically”.
He said he has opened cases before police regarding his deceased wife’s behaviour.
He said the cases have not been finalised.

Ramainoane’s first born is aged 11 years while the second born is 7. He said he is able to raise his children without the in-laws’ assistance.
Ramainoane said his first born child has also been told that he is not his biological father by the Phae family. “This is now in the public domain,” he said.

He said when he married his wife she already had a child and the two families had a mutual agreement that he would treat the child as his.
He said the Phae family also went to the Ministry of Home Affairs asking for copy of his wife’s birth certificate without involving him as her husband.
Ramainoane further informed the Master of the High Court that his child once told him that social workers once arrived at her school asking if she is still ok at her home.

Ramainoane, who said he is a polygamist, reiterated that the influence of the Phae’s family will have a negative influence on his children.
Phae, who appeared as the respondent, said to the best of his knowledge, said the family had returned the bag that belonged to their daughter to him.
But he said he was not sure if all the documents in the bag were all returned.

“If he says I should withdraw my hands from my daughter, I will do so,” Phae said. Ramainoane’s mother-in-law ’Mammopa, who had accompanied her husband to the hearing, said she was very close to her daughter. She said the phone came to be in her possession because the granddaughters had told her that they were using it for their school studies.

’Mammopa maintained that to be dissociated from her granddaughter would ‘kill’ them psychologically because she had lived with them for a long time. Justice Phae and his wife are teachers by profession. The Master of High Court ruled that they have an interest where children and their property are involved.

’Malekhotso Mahloko, who is a social worker at the Master of High Court offices, was asked to oversee the wellbeing of the children till they are over 18 years old. Matiea pleaded with the two families to bury the hatchet and work towards bringing up the children well.

Majara Molupe

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