Ramatšella questioned

Ramatšella questioned

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MASERU – Controversial secretary general of the Lesotho People’s Congress (LPC) party, Bokang Ramatšella, was this week picked up for questioning by the police after making ‘inflammatory’ comments on radio.
Ramatšella is alleged to have attacked “enemies of Lieutenant General Tlali Kamoli” on air on Tuesday.

However, police spokesman Superintendent Clifford Molefe told thepost yesterday that “he was not arrested but we just called him for questioning after he said things that we suspected were tantamount to crime”.

“We have a right to call you for questioning if we have a reasonable suspicion that what you are doing or saying borders on crime,” Molefe said.
“All I can say is that he said things over a local radio station which I will not mention. He said things that prompted the police to take him in for questioning.”
“I will not tell you what he said because we are still investigating. Our investigations have not ended and perhaps we will call him back if we feel he has to answer some more questions,” he said.

“You must bear in mind that the police have a right to take you in for questioning for up to 48 hours until we are satisfied that you have answered our questions. If we have satisfied ourselves that you have not broken any law, you will be released.”

Ramatšella was on Thaha-Khube FM on Tuesday morning saying “these enemies of Lieutenant General Kamoli who are Manasi (members of the Basotho National Party) and Matoala (All Basotho Convention members)” are now on the run.
He said they were pushing for Kamoli’s removal from the command of the Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) and wanted him “to be arrested like a criminal, imprisoned and sentenced to death”.

Ramatšella said these ones have started falling in front of Kamoli together with their Matthews Harrington, the US Ambassador, whom he said “has lost his job” after the election of a new US President.

“First it was their (President Barak) Obama who has fallen with a thud and these ones are following him in the fall,” Ramatšella said.
He said those fighting Kamoli will fall as they were fighting a “real soldier”.
Ramatšella, referring to three opposition leaders who have fled to South Africa claiming that Kamoli wanted to assassinate them, said “they are hiding in the Boers’ wheat farms and by December 1 they will no longer be MPs anymore”.

Kamoli is expected to leave the army on December 1 in line with a SADC recommendation to push him out.
Mosisili has instead negotiated with Kamoli on his ‘decent exit’ instead of expelling him as SADC had recommended.

Harrington and several other US top officials have called on Mosisili to fire Kamoli.
Ramatšella is the fourth man to be called in for questioning by the police within two weeks after airing their opinions on the current political situation.

The first was Basotho National Party (BNP) spokesman Machesetsa Mofomobe who was arrested for taking pictures at the Democratic Congress (DC) deputy leader Monyane Moleleki’s home at the owner’s invitation.
The police associates Mofomobe with the notorious Facebook character who writes under the pseudonym Makhaola Qalo who posts controversial pictures and government confidential documents on his wall.

The charge sheet says Mofomobe told members of the LDF’s military intelligence unit that the pictures he was taking would be posted on Makhaola Qalo’s Facebook wall.
The second to be arrested was Moleleki who was questioned on his statement at a press conference after he crossed to the crossbenches in parliament last week.
Moleleki, who had just resigned from a ministerial position, was asked to explain what he meant by saying the government was finished.

The third one was the South Africa’s National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) representative in Lesotho, Montoeli Masoetsa, who was arrested after mentioning names of soldiers suspected of killing former army boss Maaparankoe Mahao in June last year.
Both Moleleki and Masoetsa were released without charge.

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