Residents to protest over water

Residents to protest over water

MASERU-RESIDENTS of Kubake in Mohale’s Hoek are set to take to the streets this morning protesting against the Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO)’s failure to provide them with water.
WASCO is facing public wrath again, barely two weeks after grappling with a public relations dilemma for allegedly failing to supply water in Mapoteng.

This time the Kubake residents say they are marching against the government-owned company because it has failed to supply them with water since October last year.
The residents told thepost that what angered them is that WASCO kept billing them when their taps were dry.
They said they have been to WASCO offices several times complaining about the issue but they were not helped.
The village Chief of Kubake, Molahlehi Mohale, said their taps have been without water since October and his people had nowhere to get it.

Chief Mohale said the Rural Water Supply, a government department with a mandate to ensure that there is water in the rural areas, brought 10 000 litres of water to his village after WASCO failed in its duty.
“What is sad is that they come after weeks,” Chief Mohale said.
Chief Mohale said the last time they had water supplies in his village was on January 26.
He said the villagers who are not present when water is supplied will not get it at all.
The village, without WASCO water, depends on a well which the chief says is uncovered and can bring them water-borne diseases.

Chief Mohale said the water from that well is not safe for drinking because dirty blown away plastics, insects and animal faeces fall in it.
He called on the government to bring them experts who can supervise the covering of the well.
Mohale said they wanted to protest today after the villagers wrote to WASCO their grievances but in vain.
Mohale’s Hoek District Administrator, Lira Adam, said Kubake is not the only village that is without water with many villages in the district facing the same problem.

He said he tried all in his power to help them through talking to WASCO but he failed.
“I even went to their offices on Monday but I did not get a clear reason of why the water is not yet back,” Adam said.
Adam said the last time WASCO gave him a clear reason was that the pipe that supplies water to those villages was broken.

He said they promised to fix that problem but months have passed and the water is still not there.
Adam said however there are some places that still have water so people from nearby places get it from there.
He said for residents who live in far-away villages, water is transported to them.
Adam said the places that have water include the police station and the clinics.
He said however that consumes the time of the residents because there are long queues of people who fetch water there.

WASCO spokesperson Lineo Moqasa said the district experienced water shortages because of drought.
She said this is because there has not been adequate rainfall for some time so they could not meet the water demand.
Moqasa rejected charges that the district had gone for three months without tap water.
She said this happened two weeks ago because the pipe that supplied water to those areas was broken.
“However, that problem was solved last week,” Moqasa said.

Moqasa said there are areas in that district that have water now.
She said however, there are the ones which do not have water yet because the reservoir level is not yet satisfactory.
She said the places near the reservoir will obviously get water first.

Moqasaalso said that it is not possible that the residents were billed without using water.
She said if there was no water and the residents have to pay bills, it means they already had that debt before the water disappeared.
Chief of Kubake, Molahlehi Mohale, however said they still don’t have water.

Makhotso Rakotsoane

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