Scott says he was beaten to implicate Thabane

Scott says he was beaten to implicate Thabane

MASERU – MURDER suspect Lehlohonolo Scott says he was tortured to implicate Prime Minister Thomas Thabane.
Scott, who was in the witness box defending himself against a litany of testimonies from the police and the Koalabata village chief this week, also said the investigators wanted him to implicate the late taxi owner Thabiso Tšosane in the murders.
He says when he refused the police subjected him to brutal torture.

Scott is charged with kidnapping, killing and mutilating two boys from Koalabata, Moholobela Seetsa and Kamohelo Mohata, in 2012.
The police claim they discovered the dismembered bodies from a pit latrine at or near Scott’s house.
Other parts were found in a car at his home. He is charged together with his mother, ’Malehlohonolo Scott whose trial has been delayed because she is unwell.

Scott told the court that during the torture the police wanted him to tell a magistrate that M22 million had been deposited into his account as payment for the body parts. He also said they wanted him to say the car in which some of the body parts had been found belonged to Tšosane.
Tšosane was a well-known supporter of Thabane’s All Basotho Convention (ABC) party. Scott told the court that the police put him into a big steel drum with a lot of water and lit fire beneath.

“My feet were fastened together and as the water became hot I lost consciousness,” he said, showing the court the burn scars he claims to have sustained on that day. He said the police demanded that he tell them about a meeting they said he had with Thabane and Tšosane in Bethlehem, South Africa, “but I was surprised as to which meeting they were talking about”.

He said the police took out two A5 hard cover exercise books that contained instructions on how to make herbal concoctions.
“As I was looking I saw one about how to make lightening and headache potions and they told me to choose from that hand-written book that I would say the body parts were going to be used them to make muti.”

“I was also asked how many bank accounts I had and I replied that there were two bank accounts in the country but they told me that I had a South African account with ABSA in which Ntate Thabane deposited M22.4 million,” he said.
He said the police told him to never tell anyone about the torture he suffered at the Mabote Police Station.
He said that on the third day of interrogation he was taken before a magistrate where he narrated how he was tortured and forced to implicate Thabane and Tšosane.

The magistrate, he said, wrote his statement and handed the written papers to the police in an envelope.
“But on our way to the prison the police read my statement and asked me why I told the magistrate about the torture and started hitting me with gun butts on my ribs, telling me that I am going to defecate on myself,” he said.

Scott said a policeman by the name of Khatleli told him that they had found body parts on Sunday and “I wasn’t around at my place on that day as I was at Father Masango’s Apostolic Faith Mission Church at a conference”.
He said the police told him they were going to search again at his home in Koalabata because Moholobela’s parts were found in a donga in that area.
Scott said when he was arrested together with his mother, he “saw Khatleli locking the door of the sitting room but did not know if he locked the door of the kitchen”.

“After our arrest the house was no longer in our possession,” Scott said.
Scott said the police told him that when Moholobela Seetsa went missing he was wearing a red cap, a blue pair of jeans and a Cenez High School blue school jersey as well as a black belt.

“We then went home (Koalabata) and on our arrival Khatleli and other police officers went to the storeroom and unlocked, on their entrance Khatleli picked a knife on the floor and handed it to one police officer named Seeko who photographed it and threw it in a plastic bag,” Scott said.
“He then picked the same cap which was described to have been worn by Moholobela on the day he went missing. He also picked a blue jersey which was abandoned on the floor of the same room and said: ‘Didn’t I tell you that we are going to find them’. By that time, we stood with my mother like spectators.”

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