Shaking Lesotho’s music industry

Shaking Lesotho’s music industry

ROMA – A company called Enigma Inc. by the National University of Lesotho (NUL) graduates has developed and released a fast selling electronic platform called Musicbox. On this platform, you upload your music and within minutes, the whole world is already hearing your tracks!
“With this platform, we hope to shake the entire music industry in Lesotho,” said the NUL trained computer guru, Saleem Ismail, Enigma’s Managing Director.

Here we go:
It is a free gift for all music lovers worldwide, especially in Lesotho.
“Never before, has there been a platform like this, where Basotho music can gain visibility—exposure like never before,” says the NUL-educated whizkid, Neo Mokoena, the Director of Development at the Company.

It only launched four weeks ago but let us tell you, the online platform has already attracted more than 100 artist registrations. It has already seen numerous uploads, downloads, and shares of the music.

Think about this lady—Mookho Moqhali—another NUL graduate.
Within five days of uploading, her single track was already on fire.

The blistering track known as Mphemphe e ea lapisa, featuring the renowned Puseletso Seema, has had a totality of more than 4 000 shares, more than 2 000 downloads and more than 1 200 people listening to it online.
It immediately became a textbook definition of a hit overnight on such a young platform.

“Those guys made me famous,” Mookho says about Enigma.
And there is this one guy, he calls himself Mo-Nitta, a local artist.
“He was the first to upload his music on our platform,” Neo says.

“Apparently, Mo-Nitta has had quite a success on international music platforms.”
At one point, his music was listed among the top in the Euro Indie Music Charts, an international music platform.

“However,” Neo says with a smile, “he did not shy away from uploading his music on our new platform, being the first one to do so for that matter.”
He clearly trusted Enigma and, as usual, Enigma did not disappoint.
So what’s the inspiration?

Think about Lesotho’s music for a second.
How do you know about Lesotho’s artists?
It is either you accidentally bump across their music on radio and sometimes on TV.

The music has to be really hot and shared widely for people to know something about the artist.
It takes time to penetrate Lesotho’s music market.

“That is where Musicbox jumps in,” Neo says. “Actually, we are the only platform in Lesotho where Lesotho’s music can be uploaded and shared, and where you can get to know more about a variety of talented artists you never really knew existed.”
Let’s figure it this way.

Suppose you learned about Musicbox and that your favorite artist, Bro X, has his music uploaded there.
When you reach the platform, you are more than perplexed!
This is why.

Not only do you find a plenty of Bro X’s music, you also discover Bro Y’s.
Just when you are about to celebrate because, actually Bro Y has even better hits, you are flabbergasted to find that, well, Bro Z has just uploaded his latest single—a hit!

What do you do?
ou no doubt fall in love with none other than Musicbox.
So, folks, we no longer have to wait for luck to bring us really good music.
Just visit Musicbox every now and then, listen and share. It is an adventure you will never regret.
Gone are the days of hit and miss.

But there is another point of inspiration.
Music enthusiasts worldwide are sifting through the entire inhabited earth searching for good talent wherever they may find it.
“Some are looking for good songs, some are looking for good collaborations,” Saleem says.

In the past, it was very difficult to have a platform where they could listen to Lesotho’s music, whatever corner of the world they may live.
Things have changed.

Imagine this. An artist in Nigeria right now can listen to Lesotho’s peculiar beats and decide, well, I’m gonna have to find who this guy is—thanks to Musicbox.

The result?
A Nigerian and Lesotho music get fused to create a completely new genre.
“So this is not only about exposing our artists locally, it is also about making them known worldwide,” Saleem says.
But where are we in the larger scheme of things?

At the moment, Musicbox is on Phase One.
Here artists from anywhere in the world can register, create their profile on the platform which includes their social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), their booking details, for those who would like to ask the artists to perform at their events, and their biography — it is now time for the artists to sell themselves — who are they?

For you the music enthusiast (and who isn’t?), you can listen online and even share the tracks.
A sea of genres includes, Afro jazz, Famo, Afro pop, Hip hop, Urban Contemporary, Kwaito, Reggae, Gospel, Dance, House and Poetry.

In the near future, the artists will choose whether their music is paid for or downloaded for free.
By the way, did you like the Musicbox branding (check the URL)?
Well, Enigma says that is, thanks to Focus CA, Lesotho’s brilliant designers.

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