Thaba-Bosiu celebrates 10 years

Thaba-Bosiu celebrates 10 years

Rose Moremoholo


THE Central Bank of Lesotho (CBL) Governor Dr Retsilisitsoe Matlanyane last Thursday challenged Thaba-Bosiu Risk Solutions insurance company to embrace change if it is to provide world-class services to Basotho.

Matlanyane was speaking at the company’s 10th anniversary celebrations held at Lesotho Avani.

“The insurance business has grown and we know that as industry grows the economy of the country grows as well,” she said.

She urged the compnay to embrace new technologies in line with current developments in the insurance sector.

Despite the challenging business environment, Matlanyane said she was proud that Thaba-Bosiu Risk Solutions had weathered the storms over the years.

The governor had warm words for Thaba-Bosiu Risk Solutions managing director and founder, Matokelo Seturumane, whom she says she has known over the years.

“I am personally proud because you are a woman. Many companies have been in this line of business and they do not make it and quickly fall by the roadside,” Matlanyane said.

“Today we say to you, you have made it. As an insurance broker you take the punches and go through many challenges,” she said.

Matlanyane applauded Thaba-Bosiu Risk Solutions for changing its brand as it showed that it was looking into the future.

“The world is changing. The world when Thaba-Bosiu Risk Solutions started in 2006 is not the same world when there was a financial crisis in 2008. The risks are different and we know that the insurance sector had too much work during that time,” Matlanyane said.

She advised the company to be even more ready for the regulations which are being worked out in the insurance portfolio because there will be new risks to manage.

“You and your team need to be ready to take up these risks. Technology is changing and you need to embrace the change,” she said.

“Ten years is young but very old. Congratulations! We challenge you to be 100 years old.”

Seturumane said the story of Thaba-Bosiu Risk Solutions was “one punctuated by endurance against all odds”.

“Yet in spite of those challenges, we have stuck it out and continue to make a mark on the corporate scene,” she said.

“As we gather in this room tonight, we want to celebrate our endurance over the past 10 years. We want to bring back those happy memories and reminisce over our sterling achievements as we chart the way forward into the future.”

Thaba-Bosiu Risk Solutions acting chairperson, Lintle Matobako,paid tribute to “the brilliant team” they have assembled over the last 10 years and the loyal support they have received from their clients.

“The success we profess today is enormously founded on your patronage, and grounded in your loyalty. We truly revere and treasure our relationship,” Matobako said.

“As we celebrate these 10 years of success, which coincide with Lesotho’s 50th Anniversary of Independence, let us allow the past to inspire our future. The idea is that we must remain forward-looking, determined to improve our products and align ourselves with the demands of the industry.”

Thaba-Bosiu Risk Solutions, which is one of the biggest players in the insurance sector, began operations in April 2006.

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