‘Thabane out by September’

‘Thabane out by September’

MASERU – ALL Basotho Convention (ABC) deputy leader Professor Nqosa Mahao says the current government will be out by September.
Mahao made this bold prediction at a political rally in Thaba-Bosiu last Sunday.
This was the first rally Mahao addressed after he and three other senior party leaders were fired by Prime Minister Thomas Thabane last week.
“If in two weeks Thabane cannot solve the matters in the party, I see him and his group leaving the party,” he said.
“If it does not happen that way I do not see this government running for two months from now.”

Mahao said he was giving Thabane and his backers a two-week ultimatum to either find a solution to the leadership row or be booted out of the party.
He said if Thabane does not leave within the next two weeks, the government will be rendered ineffective in the next two months.
Mahao said some members had even asked them to form a new party.
He said he will only be in a position to disclose why Thabane hates him so much if the ongoing talks with the other faction fail.
He said the ABC was its own worst enemy.
“They expel, they send people to assault members with big guns,” he said.

Mahao said they are on the cusp of a revolution with police and wool and mohair farmers set to embark on an industrial action.
He said students are also likely to embark on an industrial action.
He said the cause of the problems emanates from a refusal to allow the newly elected committee into office.
And this instability has been caused deliberately “by people who have animosity in their hearts”.
Thaba-Bosiu MP, Sofonea Shale, told the rally that he was ordered by his constituency to support the new committee aligned to Mahao.

He said it is time for politics of truth not just obeying leadership even when it is acting wrongly.
He also said some of the current ministers are incompetent citing the debacle surrounding the wool and mohair issue.
With the poverty reduction schemes, Shale said ministers ignored the lists provided by the constituencies and made their own.
He said they are gunning for ministerial positions because some ministers do not perform their duties appropriately.
He said they are fighting to ensure the survival of their party.
ABC secretary general Lebohang Hlaele said he held about five meetings with Lebohang Thotanyana and reached an agreement that he should not join the party now.
Thotanyana is the former Minister of Mining.

Hlaele said Thotanyana is coming with about 200 people from Teyateyaneng constituency.
Hlaele said no one has a right to fire him from the party.
He said the leader does not have powers to expel a member because the law says the leader can suspend but with the executive committee’s blessings.
He said the law also says the leader can restore order if a committee does not take action against members.
Hlaele accused out-going Secretary General Samonyane Ntsekele of writing the expulsion letters on behalf of Thabane.
Hlaele also criticised the government’s decision to cut funding to university students. The disabled students will also not get any financial assistance, he said.
He said the new committee is going to uproot corruption.

“We did not vote for ministers who say they would rather be castrated than give Basotho what is theirs,”Hlaele said.
He said the voice of the people is powerful.
He said they withdrew their case for their own reasons but later filed it and they are looking forward to see who will leave the party between them and Thabane.
He said they have been patient with Thabane but now they have been pushed to the wall.
Hlaele said instead of addressing country’s deepening challenges Thabane chose to fight and expel his committee.
He also said acting Chief Justice ‘Maseforo Mahase should leave ABC politics and focus on her job.

Nkheli Liphoto


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