Thabane under pressure

Thabane under pressure

MASERU – PRESSURE is mounting on All Basotho Convention (ABC) leader, Prime Minister Thomas Thabane, to recognize the new executive committee.

The new committee has been unable to take over because its election is being legally challenged by the old committee. The losing candidates allege that the elections were not fair because some delegates were allowed to vote twice.
Now 21 ABC MPs are demanding that Thabane intervenes in the dispute and allow the new committee to take over.

In their letter, the MPs say while they understand that the matter is still in the courts, they believe that Thabane can help resolve the impasse as the leader.

The MPs said they are reluctant to pay their monthly fees to the party because the monies will be managed by a committee that has been voted out by members.

They said they are worried that the delay in recognizing the new committee will affect the coalition’s performance.
“The elected committee is the one entrusted to oversee minister’s job,” they said.
“Delaying to hand over to the newly elected committee affects the duties of their political party that is leading the coalition government”.

They said the new committee is urgently needed because “our government is facing various challenges”.
The MPs said they have resorted to writing the letter because they have been unable to have their usual caucus meeting where they discuss government business. They asked Thabane to allow them to hold their meetings.

“We are asking you to let us have the caucus meeting as soon as possible.” The caucus’ chairman Fako Moshoeshoe, who also signed the letters, said meetings are meant to discuss important government business. He said they want ministers to explain a lot of issues in government. He further said it has been long since the caucus held a meeting.

“As the chairperson I tried by all the means to seek caucus meeting to an extent that I could spend the whole day waiting to meet the Prime Minister but to no avail,” he said.

Former health minister Nyapane Kaya said the caucus meetings will help them deal with problems in the party. Kaya said he does not even remember the last time he attended the caucus meetings. “I stopped attending them when we were told that they would be held at the State House not at the offices at Metcash,” he said.

Kaya said he could not stand the fact that party affairs were discussed at the State House. “Now some of ABC members who used to call me snitch are starting to realize that I was right when I said things are not going right in our party that is why we are now 21 on the letter,” Kaya said.

He said former committee failed to give them financial reports. The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has discovered that the ABC could not account for M1 million it received from the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). “We are leading the government but still we could not account for the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) M1 million. How could Basotho trust us with their funds” he said.

The Mechechane MP said for “ABC problems to end, some people need to soften their hearts”. “Some of the people who called me a traitor then have just signed the letter with me now because they see what I was talking about. They used to say I am going to join Movement for Economic Change,” he said.

Former Defence Minister, Sentje Lebona, said their trust is on their newly elected committee.


The Brave 21

Samuel Rapapa, Sentje Lebona, Mphosi Nkhasi and Nyapane Kaya.

Selemo Mangobe, Nto Moakhi, Fako Moshoeshoe, Motebang Koma, Tello Lawrance Kibane,

Mooki Sello, Phamotse Molefi oele, Libe Motšoane, Thabo Sophonea, Motlatsi Maqelepo and ‘Mamoipone Senauoane

’Matebatso Doti, Lefu Hlomelang, Sotlehang Sekhamane, Mankoe Maime, Tlhoohelo Mokoma and Lebohang Hlaele.

Nkheli Liphoto


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