Thabane wants SADC help

Thabane wants SADC help

MASERU – PRIME Minister Thomas Thabane says he will seek outside assistance to help solve Lesotho’s perennial political and security problems.

Thabane said solving the problems that have made Lesotho a poster child of political instability will be top of his agenda.
“This is an urgent matter and I will have to deal with it urgently. I wouldn’t talk about it if it was not urgent,” Thabane said in an interview this week.
He said his government will ask for help from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and other international organisations like the African Union (AU) and the European Union (EU).

“Lesotho has friends from all over and countries like China are some of Lesotho’s friends,” he said.
Thabane said Lesotho’s problems are part of the region’s problems and therefore it would be wise if regional bodies are able to help in solving her problems.
He said it would not be unusual if SADC intervenes in Lesotho’s problems because it has done so in other member states like Angola.
And it is through SADC’s intervention that Angola is where it is today, he said.

“I was the Minister then when I flew to Angola to solve her problems and it was unsafe to fly in that country. But now Angola has prospered”.
The Prime Minister said he wants to restore the rule of law and make the streets and villages safe.
“Women should be free to move all the times and should not be afraid of the rapists.”
“I am in Lesotho now and I am walking freely all over”.

But Thabane reiterated that the soldiers should remain in barracks all the times and should not meddle with party politics. He said the soldiers should only be allowed to do shopping and return to the barracks.  He said the police should be the ones moving on the streets and not the soldiers.
“This is an international practice and there is nothing to worry about it,” said Thabane.

Thabane also revealed that he would invite SADC to investigate the alleged looting of public funds by some officials of the former government.
He said SADC will not deal with only security issues but will help with all problems affecting the country.

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