Thabane warns daughter

Thabane warns daughter

…as family feud rages on….

MASERU – THE All Basotho Convention (ABC) leadership feud is beginning to sound like a family inheritance squabble, with party leader Thomas Thabane dragging in his wife, daughter and son-in-law in the escalating battle.
From asking party nemesis Professor Nqosa Mahao to stay away from his wife to questioning whether his son in-law truly loves his daughter, Prime Minister Thomas Thabane was not pulling any punches when he addressed supporters this week.
“My daughter will remember me when times are hard,” he told a huge crowd at a rally in Qeme constituency last Sunday.
His daughter, ’Mabatšoeneng Hlaele, is married to Lebohang Hlaele, one of those at the forefront of a campaign to oust Thabane as both party and government leader.
’Mabatšoeneng Hlaele is one of the lawyers fighting in Prof Mahao’s corner in the battle for the ABC.
He said he did not form the ABC for his sons-in-law to be the heir.

“I formed the party for the entire Basotho nation,” a fired up Thabane said, adding that he was beginning to wonder whether Hlaele “truly loves my daughter.”
Thabane said he was not aware that Hlaele, whom he has fired from the party, was gunning for the ABC leadership when he joined.
Professor Mahao, the party deputy leader, is one of those fired by Thabane.
Professor Mahao’s faction has, in return, suspended Thabane for six years.
The 80-year old also had words for Professor Mahao in regards to his wife, telling the former National University of Lesotho vice chancellor-cum ABC succession contender to keep his distance.
“Mahao must stop talking about my wife. I don’t know his wife and am not interested to know her,” Thabane said, angrily.
This was in response to Professor Mahao’s attack on First Lady ’Maesaiah Thabane in a television interview last week.

Professor Mahao accused the First Lady of capturing both the party and the government.
“I am not Jesus Christ,” Thabane said in remarks showing his annoyance with the rival faction which has thus far mounted a sustained campaign that threatens to end the Prime Minister’s reign.
The rally took a place just after about 52 ABC constituencies converged in Thaba-Bosiu and announced Thabane’s suspension for allegedly violating the ABC constitution when he rejected the outcome of an elective conference that voted for new NCE members viewed by the PM as hostile.
“I am now growing impatient with the people attacking me. I am the only Prime Minister in the country and I appeal to those who are causing havoc to stop doing so,” he said, before turning to the contentious wool and mohair industry that has also caused him anguish recently.
Two weeks back, Thabane said the government had suspended the sale of wool and mohair in the country for three months to allow farmers to sell their product to any market of their choice.
He repeated the statements on Sunday.

Thabane further told his supporters that they are sorry about the problems around the sale of wool and mohair in the country.
He said he is yet to meet with farmers to discuss the best way forward.
He appealed to those involved in the sale of wool and mohair to speed up the auctioning process because he is personally getting fed up with the delays.
“This should have been sealed a long time ago but is still moving slowly,” Thabane said, adding that he has no intimate knowledge of the process.

Thooe Ramolibeli


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