The cost of ignorance

The cost of ignorance

MASERU-YOUTHS eager to try their hand at entrepreneurship say they are being hampered by lack of access to information on business opportunities in the country.
They made the remarks at an event to observe the Youth Information Day last week Friday. They urged the Youth Ministry to take their concerns seriously.

In an interview with thepost, the Senior Entrepreneurship Officer, Lintle Rabolinyane, said the youths have a valid point.
She admitted that information is essential for the growth of nascent businesses and delays in accessing vital information often leads to lost opportunities.

The ministry, she said, would strive to assist young people boost their businesses by linking them to stakeholders working on youth related issues and to ensure that policies adopted and implemented by government caters for them.

Rabolinyane explained that the ministry also is pushing for policies that address the needs of young people.
The ministry has established a forum with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) under a programme called “Design Thinking” where young people can discuss challenges hindering their growth.
Last year, the ministry held a conference to hear from various stakeholders.

“That is where we came up with the idea of hosting the Youth Information Day,” she said, adding the two day event gives young people a platform to raise issues related to the challenges they are facing.
One of the most pertinent issues raised was the cumbersome and expensive registration process of business which drained finances that would otherwise help as start-up capital.

She said the youths used the platform to call for government subsidies when registering their businesses.
The event is still in its pilot stage and will be taken on board if it proves to be an effective engagement platform.
“So we have designed this event in a way that it will provide a platform for the youth to raise their opinions,” said Rabolinyane.

She said she had realised that Basotho “are good at listening than reading” hence the decision to try out the engagement concept.
“The youth will be able to gain more information on youth-related issues especially which involve their businesses,” said Rabolinyane.

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