Top of the pile

Top of the pile

MASERU-AT least nine students obtained grades A+ in five or more subjects in the Lesotho General Certificate of Secondary Education for the 2018 results.
Minister of Education and Training Ntoi Rapapa said this at a press conference to announce results in Maseru on Monday.

Rapapa said the results were an improvement when compared to the 2017 results.
The nine students who excelled were Mokhakala Molise (St Boniface High School), Ramoruti Tsebang (Seeiso High School), Kotelo Nchome (Thetsane High School), Lefeta Neo Mots’elisi (Lesotho High School), Lenka Malefetsane (Malithuso High School), Moiloa Lineo (Holy Family High School), Nteso Relebohile (‘Mabathoana High School), Sello Mamello (St. Stephens High School) and Van-Tonder Tšepo (St Joseph’s High School).

Altogether, a total of 14 225 candidates sat for the LGCSE examination in 2018.
“The overall number of A+ grade is 540, which is 0.5 percent of all grades obtained,” Rapapa said.
“This figure is 0.1 percent higher than the one observed last year,” he said.
“The total number of A grades on the other hand is 2 358, which constitutes 2.2 percent of all grades. This is an increase of 0.6 percent from that of last year.”

Grade B forms a total of 8 579.
Here there has been an increase of 0.6 percent as compared to 2017 while grade C make up a total of 19 692, which is 18.5 percent of the total grades.

This is a decrease of 0.5 percent from the results of 2017.
Nonetheless, the number of candidates that have obtained a D grade are 21 256 times, implying an increase of 1.6 percent from 2017.

“Grade E was observed 20 296 times showing a 2.7 percent decrease from the results of the 2017 cohort while the number of F grades is 17 601, which is exactly the same percentage as the one observed in 2017,” he added.
The total number of G grades is 10 899, and this is slightly higher than last year by 0.6 percent.
Performance in core subjects has increased.

In Sesotho the percentage of candidates who obtained C grade or better is 58.8 percent from 54.2 percent in 2017 while English is 24.1 percent as compared to 18.5 percent obtained in 2018.
Rapapa further said in Physical Science candidates obtained 31. 8 percent in Extended Science while others obtained 10. 4 percent in Core and in Extended Mathematics candidates obtained 22.8 percent and 9.4 percent in Core Mathematics.

In contrast, Extended Physical Science was 30.5 percent in 2017 and 8.9 percent in Core.
Extended Mathematics in 2017 was 18. 7 percent while Core was 5.1 percent.
In general, the performance of the 2018 LGCSE class is better when compared to that of the 2017 group.
There has been an increase in the percentages of candidates obtaining A+ to D grades, except at C where there is a slight decline.

“When we consider the E to U grades, we still observe an improvement in performance as there is a decrease in lower grades, except at G, where there is a minor increase,” he said.
In terms of districts performance, Mafeteng outdid itself with 74.3 percent from A+ to E grades in 2018 while Quthing just like in the Junior Certificate is the least performer with 63.1 percent.
Leribe is at 73.7, Qacha’s Nek at 73.4, Maseru at 73.0, Mohale’s Hoek at 72.9, Mokhotlong at 72.4, Butha-Buthe at 71.5, Berea at 68.9, Thaba-Tseka at 68.7 percent respectively.

Rapapa indicated that generally, the best performing school is Lesotho High School in terms of best grades.
It has a total of 383 A+ to A grades, constituting 17.6 percent of all their grades.
In second place, is Mohale’s Hoek’s St Stephen’s Diocesan High School with 144 (15.5 percent).
“This is in turn followed by Leribe English Medium High School with 83 (12.5 percent), then Molapo High School with a total of 93 (11.6 percent).

King’s Gate High School takes the fifth place with a total of 95 (11.2 percent),” he said.
“The ministry therefore congratulates all candidates who have succeeded in their LGCSE examination this year,” Rapapa said.

“And to those candidates who fell short of the mark, he urged them not to be discouraged, but instead to embrace it as an opportunity to try harder,” he said.

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