Tšosane dumpsite

Tšosane dumpsite

The Tšosane dumpsite does not meet the standards of a sanitary landfill because of the following:

  • No weighbridge to record the amount of incoming waste.
  • No records of incoming waste.
  • It is not known where waste is coming from or in what quantities.
  • No segregation of general and hazardous waste.
  • All waste is dumped together.
  • No spreading and covering of waste, hence waste is blown around by wind.
  • No control of methane, which causes unabated fires throughout the day.
  • No control of scavenging.
  • Access is not restricted, and therefore children find their way onto the site.
  • The dumpsite is poorly managed and there is the possibility for leachate to contaminate Maqalika reservoir, which is Maseru’s main water storage reservoir. (However, ground water quality monitoring boreholes dug downstream of the dumpsite have not as yet indicated this occurrence).

Rose Moremoholo & ’Mamakhooa Rapolaki

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