Turning ideas into business

Turning ideas into business

ROMA – THE sharpest minds at the National University of Lesotho (NUL) on Monday battled for a share of M100 000 that had been set aside by Lesotho Post Bank. The competition, called Ideas Turned to Business, was organized by the NUL Youth Economic Freedom Association (NULYEFA) and generously funded by Lesotho Post Bank.

Indeed there were brilliant ideas there, waiting to be “turned into business.” The competition was part of the on-going NUL International Science, Technology and Innovation Expo and Conference (NULISTICE 2018) this week.
It is the result of the contribution of these young minds that will make NULISTICE 2018 week, the turning point in the history of Lesotho.
Now let’s take a brief look at the ideas that battled it out!

Tefo Koloko, a winner of this competition on a previous occasion, brought to the floor, another idea – the production of biogas from organic waste!
From the waste food we throw off every day, to the waste in latrines, and to that thing we call weed, energy can come out of it—renewable energy!
So Kokoko wants to move from theory to practice in that circle.
Here was another idea.

You see, the younger generation is sometimes called the “born after technology” generation, as opposed to the “born before technology” that is still hooked on paper.

So you have already guessed what Relebohile Morienyane and Kopano Mokoma brought to the battleground by merely looking at their idea?
You got it right— they belong to the digital generation.

Listen to this idea, “Digital out of home advertising screens/platform.” We will leave to the digital generation to tell us what on earth that means.
But these young thinkers don’t shy away from getting to the basics sometimes. That is why this lady, Libuseng Visser, mesmerised the audience with this conception – the production of pencils and colouring pencils from waste paper.

You wouldn’t have thought waste paper could do so much, that is, until you bumped across the innovators of the Roma Valley.
Looks like time is running out, and there is still much to cover.

So let’s quickly take this one – “production of consumable maize and maize seeds,” by Khotso Rantho. Eish! At last, here comes somebody who understands that we need to eat and eat right.
Ain’t that refreshing?

Take young people for granted at your own risk!
But, in the end, it’s all about business, business, business. These folks all want to be busy with business, that’s why they are here after all.
And that is why Katleho Ntobo was asking himself out aloud; why not make it my business to assist business.
His idea?
“Funding and consultancy of micro-businesses.”
Some folks like Pont’so Mokone, Motsumi Mokhele and Libuseng Visser (for the second time around again), were agitating for a different reality for Lesotho. What if we ain’t going to sell wool and mohair to the outside world but will process it into finished goods right here in Lesotho?
So they put it this way, “Production of finished goods from processed wool and mohair.”
Just when we thought these guys had exhausted all the good ideas there is, then Nahanang Malahla and Tsunke Makhetha dropped another bombshell in the house, “Automatic electric cooking pot.”

Well, I’m sure you would like to see what that on earth looks like.
Yep! The following are some of those guys who are not shy to push the boundaries even further. Listen to this one, “Production of Marrubium vulgare (Phate ea ngaka) capsules.”

Maseabata Lefielo and Mamatsoso Thoote are those kind of folks who still believe in the good old saying, “drink more milk, get more calcium, make strong bones.”

Otherwise how else do you explain this one – Production of pasteurised milk.
Now we know what you are waiting for. Who won the competition?

We are not going to tell you, at least not now. Because . . . the battle is not over. Not yet!
Maybe by the end of the week , you will hear BIG news, about who is being funded, when the winners from this competition, and from another one still funded by Lesotho Post Bank, lock horns at the NUL Gala Dinner this week.

Meanwhile, “put your heart on a basin.” (By the way, we have long learned to do what we want with the Queen’s language, certainly not the other way round). Beha pelo sekotlolong!

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