We’re headed for the rocks, says Thabane

We’re headed for the rocks, says Thabane

BUTHA-BUTHE – PRIME Minister Thomas Thabane has publicly conceded that his government is headed towards the rocks.
He was speaking at a political rally of his All Basotho Convention (ABC) in Hololo constituency in Butha-Buthe, about 120km north of Maseru.

This was the first time that Thabane had publicly conceded that his coalition government was on brink of collapse.
He told his supporters that “there were obvious signs of the imminent collapse of government”.
Thabane’s comment come a week after some ABC MPs aligned to the Professor Nqosa Mahao-led faction filed a motion in Parliament pushing for a no-confidence vote in the premier.

Speaking in Hololo on Sunday, Thabane said the on-going power struggle within the ABC had left supporters disillusioned.
He said his heart is bleeding over the bitter internal fights within the party.
Thabane told supporters that the current power within the party had given him sleepless nights and restless days.
He said he loves all ABC supporters including those who had failed to attend his rally. The Mahao faction staged their own counter rally in Mosalemane constituency on the same day.

Both rallies were attended by droves of ABC supporters who appear evenly split between those backing Thabane and Mahao in the power struggle.
“This instability in the party affects the government and the country at large,” he said.
The visibly frustrated Thabane told his supporters that there are people who are happy to see their party heading towards collapse.
“We have experienced this in the past and we thought our problems would not bounce back,” he said.
“But now we are experiencing it again,” Thabane said with his voice shaking with emotion.

Thabane said he yearned for love, unity, stability and tranquility for his divided party, the country and the nation as a whole.
“If we become selfish and never minding about the nation, the nation will never be happy with us,” he said.
“If we become selfish and pompous, this nation would never be happy with us,” Thabane said.
He said they have to build peace for Basotho at grassroots level and failing which they would go back to the crisis of 2014 when they were sent packing into exile in South Africa.
Thabane said once that happens, this country would not be at peace because it would not be a pleasant country to stay in.

Thabane skipped the country in 2014 to stay in South Africa after the army raided some police stations in the city and confiscated some weapons.
During that attack, police’s Sub-Inspector Mokheseng Ramahloko was gunned down while he was on duty at the Police Headquarters.
Thabane said “we will be failing this nation” if they were to allow such a situation to come back again.
He appealed to his supporters to wait for the court to pronounce itself on the leadership dispute within the ABC.
The old national executive committee has refused to recognise the new committee led by Mahao arguing the elections which ushered in the committee were flawed.

Thabane however said it is futile to expect the courts to bring peace and stability in the ABC adding the court cases will leave the party’s followers deeply divided.
He said he is prepared to work with any committee the courts will say is the legitimate holders of office.
Thabane said he would bow down to the court’s decision especially because the committee would have been selected by the ABC members.
The MP for Butha-Buthe constituency, Motlohi Maliehe, who is also the chairman of the outgoing committee, said he was disappointed that a new group was holding a parallel rally in Mosalemane.

Maliehe said there is no way they could call those people Makobo-tata (ABC members) yet they could not go together with the leader.
He said those people have taken a different direction with their leader because they are ‘selfish’ and yet they claim that Thabane is their leader.
He said for a person to be a member of the committee he needs to work hard.
“Ha re hloke e ntho seng e re phara joaloka senqa-qana se theoha le pula mona,” which loosely means a person has to work hard to be a member of the party and should not just be imposed on other people.

Meanwhile, the spokesman of the ABC Youth League Mphonyane Lebesa blamed Mosalemane MP Tsoinyane Rapapa for pushing for a secret vote on the no-confidence motion.
He said Rapapa can no longer be trusted in the party.
“So Rapapa should go because he is even working together with the MP for Mahobong (Mothetjoa Metsing, leader of Lesotho Congress for Democracy), we no longer need Rapapa,” Lebesa said.

Thooe Ramolibeli


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