Why Khasu joined Mahao faction

Why Khasu joined Mahao faction

MASERU – WHEN Tlali Khasu left the All Basotho Convention (ABC) some three years ago it was acrimonious. One day Khasu was Thomas Thabane’s trusted deputy and the next, he was being expelled from the party. Khasu quickly formed the Truth Reconciliation Unity (TRU) which however failed to gain much currency.
And so for three years Khasu licked his wounds, occasionally railing against Thabane in conversations with friends and at his rallies. This week he got his revenge by announcing that he is returning to the ABC but will not be bowing to Thabane. Instead, he is throwing his lot with Professor Nqosa Mahao’s camp which is trying to oust Thabane.
By so doing Khasu’s twisting the dagger in Thabane’s back.
In a way he has returned to help kick Thabane when he is down. This week our Deputy News Editor, Majara Molupe, spoke to Khasu about his move. Below are excerpts from the interview.

Why have you returned to the ABC?

I have gone back to the ABC to join Professor Mahao’s camp because they are advancing the fight l was fighting while l was still an ABC member. There are some people within the ABC who think they are the only ones qualified to be in the national executive committee (NEC) and when other people are elected they believe things are not good. So what pushed me out of the ABC is what the faction led by Mahao is fighting against. These people are used to forming parallel committees at constituency level in a bid to manipulate the party’s administration.

But why did you join Professor Mahao’s camp?

Like I have indicated, those people are experiencing exactly what I have been through while I was still in the party. In fact, they are the ones who invited me to join their camp. We used communicate with them even before things could take this route. The ABC’s biggest problem is a group of people who are behind the leader and want to influence him to do things according to their wishes. Unfortunately, interests of the clique closer to the leaders are furthered at the expense of the general membership of the party.

Is your move to join Professor Mahao’s camp not opportunistic?

Absolutely not. These people who are rallying behind Thabane do not want to be governed by the party’s constitution. They want to do as they wish.

What is your assessment of the two factions?

What is only left now is that the two factions have to separate. It is just a matter of time. I was appointed deputy leader in the ABC and the very same people were against it and fought for my ouster. These are the very same people who are in the forefront of causing chaos within the ABC now. I could not stay with people who want to oppress me. These are the people who want to infringe on other people’s rights.

Is defecting to Professor Mahao your revenge against Thabane?

I do not have any problem with Ntate Thabane as a person or as a leader but with the people who are surrounding him. Those people influence the leader. I grew up in a family of politics. It is for this reason that we even fled the country because we hate oppression. We came back fighting with guns, trying to protect the oppressed.

What was the cause of your fallout with Thabane?

I do not have any qualms with Thabane per se but with people who are in his company. Personally, I do not have any differences with him. I cannot sacrifice my life for the oppressors. I wanted people to get and enjoy their freedom. And the people should be able to have a government of their own.

Do you think this is a political end for Thabane?

What is only left for Thabane is for him to align himself with the ABC decisions.  I love Ntate Thabane.  Those people who are behind him know exactly that people no longer love them. If Thabane could step down from politics, those people would be finished within six months.  And that is what they know.

What is the state of Truth Reconciliation Unity now?

I do not want to comment on issues of a party that l am no longer part of. I have left the issues with the people who are still in control of the party.

Majara Molupe


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