A little beating  is fine

A little beating is fine

While Mothepu Mahapa was waxing lyrical about the virtues and benefits of initiation school, a gang that had terrorised Koalabata was being “reoriented” at the Makonyane Barracks.
They are alleged to have been members of rival gangs that have been maiming and killing each other for years.
The fight is alleged to have started after some gang members had revealed secrets about what happens at initiation schools. These are the kind of people Mahapa says their ‘education’ should be funded by the government.
Those who have been screaming that the army has no business detaining the alleged gang members are correct.
Indeed, that is beyond the army’s mandate. But that should not be the crux of the debate.
They should instead be asking where the police were when the gangs were wreaking havoc in the village.
The answer to that is simple: They were collecting bribes and fighting each other. It takes them days to arrive at a crime scene but a few minutes to dispatch a press statement bellowing at the Commissioner.
The commissioner himself appears to have unwittingly come down to their level.
All this doesn’t mean that the army should be arresting people.
Muckraker is not saying the army should have intervened but is thrilled the rascals are off the streets and the people can sleep easy. She is not saying the army should spank the gang members but is glad they are tasting a little bit of their own medicine. Their parents had given up on them. The village was living in fear.
It is their chief who called the army for help. Those clutching the constitution can do so but the people of Koalabata are living in peace. Remember most of them cannot afford high walls, security guards and alarms at their houses.
So, don’t you dare judge them for celebrating the army’s intervention. They know what they have gone through.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!


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