A little revenge

A little revenge

Muckraker has had it to the back teeth with the chaos at Lesotho’s borders with South Africa.
It’s the same old sorry problems successive Lesotho governments have dismally failed to solve.

You know that in November our minister will have some meeting with their South African ‘counterpart’.
Our minister will then call a press conference to announce how fruitful the meeting was.
He will promise that all will be smooth sailing at the border when Basotho come back home.

But, as sure as the fact that the LDC is a spent force, the wheels will come off and chaos will reign supreme at the border during the peak holiday travel.
South Africa’s immigration and police officers will arrest and harass Basotho. Some will be banned from entering South Africa while others will be fined. The rotund South African police officers will gain a few pounds as they load their tummies with bribes from poor Basotho who wait in torturously long queues while the immigration officers pick their teeth and work in slow-motion.

Local radio stations will shriek in anger while the opposition chips in with the opportunistic and predictable jibes at the government. Our minister will pretend to be shocked by the events he obviously knew would happen.
Instead of talking to his ‘counterpart’ he will visit the borders to ‘confront’ South Africa’s immigration officers.

It will be hilarious were it not so tragic. Muckraker has watched in disgust as our ministers talk to junior immigration officers. Those officers might have three Matric passes but they got the power to make a minister come to their offices. They pretend to be respectful but are clearly contemptuous.
You know that as soon as our minister leaves they will be roaring with laughter.

How can they not laugh at such manufactured drama?
It is surely comical that a whole minister has to engage some nonentities to get a political problem solved. Rumour has it that some officers actually look forward to the visits from Lesotho ministers.

It’s the only time they speak to a minister as an equal. Meanwhile the ‘counterpart’ will be chuckling in Pretoria as our minister runs around the border, speaking to insignificant people. He knows he can always blame Basotho for not following instructions. That’s how they roll.
After Christmas there will be some brief reprieve before chaos ensues again when Basotho go back to South Africa.

This time our minister can only shout from the rooftop because he cannot control who South Africans allow in.
There will be another long and meandering press conference to explain what he agreed with his ‘counterpart’. Similar chaos will happen during Easter and a meeting with his counterpart will be mentioned again.
The drama will repeat itself in December again.

Don’t bet a cent on any minister or government sorting out this mess.
The South African government has no respect for Lesotho. They know they can pee on us and we will gladly thank them for the refreshing shower.
That is why Muckraker is calling on all Basotho to make it a habit to defecate in Mohale and Katse Dams whenever they get a chance. It might not amount to much by way of revenge but at least its better than our government’s cowardly approach to South Africa. He who has pinched has fought.

You know when Ramaphosa appears on TV to say “My fellow South Africans” he has been nourished by your little stinky something. And when he lifts his glass to take a sip you just chuckle the same way his home affairs minister does when our minister is begging (oops, I meant engaging) junior officers at the border.
It’s symbolic but that’s all we can do under the circumstances.
Its our way of rising to the occasion when our government recoils into its shell in the face of the “mighty” South Africa.

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