Chihuahuas in wigs

Chihuahuas in wigs

Muckraker is amused by the fights in the Law Society of Lesotho.
Some council members want Advocate Maqakachane to apologise to Chief Justice Sakoane for his recent jibes at the judiciary.
Others are even threatening to bring disciplinary action against him.
As Muckraker writes this the Law Society has called a special general meeting to discuss Advocate Maqakachane’s fate. You would think Advocate Maqakachane has peed into a village well to deserve such outrage from his colleagues.

But no, the man only said there were serious problems in the judiciary. And for saying those words he is crucified by the very people who should be supporting him.
Some lawyers are fuming on the chief justice’s behalf.
Mourning more than the bereaved. Moaning more than the injured.
Appointing themselves the chief justice’s chihuahuas. The same lawyers who have been on voicemail over the apparent delays in judgement, the obvious capture of the judiciary and the legendary incompetence of judges have suddenly found their voices to shriek at a colleague for merely stating the obvious.

Muckraker is aware that lawyers are generally argumentative and petty but this time they have taken it to another level. First, the chief justice is an adult capable of fighting his own battles. He is a Mosotho.
Second, Advocate Maqakachane is the underdog in this case so the odds in this bout are heavily tilted in the chief justice’s favour.
There is no point in intervening on the chief justice’s behalf.
Third, judicial issues are matters of public interest. The chief justice and his judges are not above criticism.

They are not gods but mere mortals susceptible to errors, misjudgement and other follies. They can be lazy too. Misdirected like other humans.
So, this brouhaha about Advocate Maqakachane criticising of the judiciary is a collective fart contrived to unnecessarily pollute the air.
It’s like a fart at a meeting with the in-laws. It might be embarrassing but it doesn’t change a thing.

Chief Justice Sakoane should tell his foot soldiers to stay away from the battleground on this one. He doesn’t need proxies to handle another learned friend.
As for the demand that he apologises, Muckraker would like to tell Advocate Maqakachane to perish that thought or there will be no kiss. Apologise and you will kiss yourself!
He should tell the council members to go hang on a tomato tree.
Those who are pissed can smoke their socks to calm down.
The Palace of Jokes is not a church.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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