Dung in the head

Dung in the head

LOOK no further than the sad story of Noma, a girl who claims to have been sexually assaulted by one Mokena, if you want to see how depraved we are as a people.
Instead of calling on our indolent police to investigate the case a battalion of good-for-nothing holier-than-thou zealots are blaming the victim.
Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe she is cooking up the story to extract some sympathy.

Nyoe, nyoe, what was she doing with Mokena in the first place? Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe she is a little kuena bitter that she has been dumped by her rich blesser.
Some are brazenly rallying behind the alleged aggressor. Voestak!
Herein lies what is wrong with this country. We lack empathy and we are quick to judge. Yet when Sunday comes we are pretending to be pious, shedding tears and speaking in tongues.
We are gobbling the altar wine without shame. They are screaming the Lord’s Prayer with gusto.
Holy dung!

It all comes down to a society that is hardwired to look at issues with patriarchal eyes. The idea that men are masters pervades our little minds and we are not ashamed to pop drivel to support men.

So thugs become victims and victims become aggressors.
If we are not pelting the victim with mean accusations we are manufacturing theories to justify and sustain out warped views.
As Muckraker writes this someone is watching that disgusting video while their fingers are itching to post their nonsensical analysis.

It makes them look clever to their dull friends. This is what this has become: a stampede to add an ‘analysis’ to a debate we should not be having in the first place.
It will be understandable, but still patently wrong, if it were only men engaged in such deplorable victim lynching attics. Unfortunately, even women are in the thick of this mob of morons.

They are actually the loudest at condemning the poor woman. They are shrieking at the young lady on Facebook and WhatsApp, the two platforms where brains are closed and fingers do the thinking. Blah, blah, blah and blah. Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe and nyoe.
And so a new form of entertainment has been created in the form of pillorying a woman whose only ‘mistake’ was to claim that she was assaulted. We are seeing a drama where we should be noticing an injustice.

Women of Noma’s age are laughing hard when they should be disgusted.
“‘Na le khale, that would not happen to me,” they say.
“Banana ba rata chelete,” some have said with straight faces teeming with arrogance.

That such snide comments are coming from young ladies is an indication of how low we have sunk. We are right there at the bottom of the VIP imbibing maggots.
But Muckraker’s real irritation is with the older generation of women. They castigate with vim. Cruel words against the victim are never far from their shrunk lips.
Nyoe, nyoe, nyoe, the kids of today are so silly.

Blah, blah, blah what was she doing with that man in the first place?
Well, the answer is you. If you had not discovered Savannah Dry and hopose in your teens maybe the younger generation would not have been lost.
You would have probably contributed your two cents of advice to keep the generation on the straight and narrow.

In any case, it’s not as if you fared any better than this generation you now rail against on social media. Theola moea. Noa metsi!

Anyone who doesn’t see through the government’s tomfoolery in the judiciary is dippy. The pursuit of Chief Justice Nthomeng Majara is nothing more than a blatant attack on the independence of the judiciary.
It has nothing to do with her alleged incompetence, indolence or any other transgressions the government is laying on her doorstep.
Muckraker will admit that she is one of those who thought that the government was being sincere when it started going after that stunner of a sister.
It looked like an open and shut case.

But then along the way the government seems to have over-played its hand and exposed the nefarious scheme behind the whole charade.
Muckraker was instantly appalled. She has since changed her mind about the whole farce.
If you cannot change your mind about certain things then you have no business having a brain. There are those who say the judiciary had already been captured by the previous regime so the government is right to claim it back.

They are right but only to a minute extent.
It is the way the government is doing it that is worrying. In its zest to right the alleged wrongs of the past the government has walked into a trap.
Now it faces a public relations nightmare as its actions are being condemned.

It is probably true that the four senior lawyers who have been spanking the government over the issue are up to their own high-jinks. They are probably protecting their own.
But it is the reckless abandon with which the government has reacted that has thrust the lawyers on a higher moral ground.
Instead of being seen as spoilers fighting for their narrow interests they are now viewed as defenders of the judiciary. They are now seen as the last line of defence against the government’s machinations against the judiciary.

What is lost in this skirmish is the fact that the previous government also tried to capture the judiciary.
We seem to have forgotten that Size Two harassed Justice Kananelo Mosito.
We have forgotten that Justice Mosito’s removal was politically instigated.

We forget because this government is struggling when it comes to fighting the propaganda war.
All it has are garrulous defenders on social media but there is no one who is giving well nuanced views to extricate the government from the PR mess.
This dearth of a sophisticated communication plan is the reason why the government keeps using the same old and discredited tactics of blaming the previous regime for every trouble it encounters.

The lack of money is blamed on Size Two. Corruption and nepotism are Size Two’s babies.
The police are beating people because they were allowed to do so by the previous government.
Sadly, that tactic is way past its “sell-by date”.

Beyond now there must be another explanation that is believable and not laughable.
Let’s get some clever spin doctors please, not these unmitigated disasters who cannot spell their names under pressure. Adios!

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