Get ready to cry

Get ready to cry

FORGET your thieving prophets and lying sangomas. Anyone who tells you that 2021 will be a great year for Lesotho will be telling tall tales. That Lesotho faces a miserable year is not based on science but common sense.
You don’t need to have seen a burette or a periodic table to know that Lesotho is facing a colossal Covid-19 disaster in the next few months.

Thanks to our clueless politicians, we have imported thousands of cases from South Africa.
Some came through the borders but the majority sneaked in via the rivers.
As Muckraker writes these lines from Mafube the virus is marauding through the villages.
Basotho are blissfully sharing it like quarts of Maluti. Puff, puff and pass like a cigarette.

And so here we are: on the verge of unprecedented carnage.
A catastrophe we could have avoided by doing simple things. We will pay dearly for our deliberate incompetence.
The use of “we” is however terribly misleading for it denotes that it will be the whole country suffering.

History has taught us that it is the average Tom, Dick and Harry who bear the brunt of natural disasters or crises created by bungling politicians.
When our powerful ministers catch Covid, they will find their way to South African hospitals.

They have no confidence in Tšepong, that insanely expensive referral hospital on which the government spends some M500 million annually.
The other district hospitals would be beneath them.
They will have no time for local doctors, including those the government spent millions to train. They probably think local nurses are just glorified and overpaid maids.

The average Mosotho will not enjoy the same privilege when they catch Covid-19.
You will be told to self-quarantine at home and call the Ministry of Health when you are about to die.

Others will be sent to that hovel of a quarantine centre in Teyeteyaneng where they will endure food that tastes like cardboard and looks like pig manure. Every morning cold water will baptise them.
That is how things work in this country. Our politicians believe the poor don’t deserve decent things.

It must be criminal for a minister to seek medical help in another country. In the same way a minister should be prosecuted for sending their child to a foreign school. The logic is simple but worth repeating for those pathetic zealots who have made it their vocation to get angry on behalf of politicians. You know that lousy lot that cries more than the bereaved.
Lesotho’s politicians should be forced to endure the benefits of their mismanagement.

Only when treated at local clinics will they insist that those facilities are properly managed and resourced. It is simple.
If your child is at a local school you will allocate enough resources to the education sector. Simple!
But you can bet your last coin that this conversation will never happen because there will always be some bootlicker to defend the tosh from our politicians.

The solution to this nonsense is also simple. It is the unfair privileges ministers enjoy that make cabinet positions attractive. To sort it out we should remove those incentives. A minister should be paid so little that only those who genuinely want to serve the people will clamour for the position. The benefits should not be better than that of a junior civil servant.

After all, these are the same chaps who say they have been elected to serve the people.
They call themselves the people’s servants yet they live like kings at the government’s expense.
Until now no one has explained why a minister earns more than a herd boy.

It is obvious that this will not happen so Muckraker will leave you with some free advice.
Protect yourself in these dangerous times because politicians are too busy eating to worry about your troubles. Don’t say you were not warned.

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