Hand-picked illiterates

Hand-picked illiterates

It was only a matter of time before those who participated in the Frazer Solar scandal started singing and pointing long fingers at each other.
While we have always known that political appointees are generally handpicked-imbeciles, the Frazer scandal is showing us that we probably underestimated the damage their incompetency would cause.

That is because we regarded them as low-ranking paper-pushing nobodies with little influence on substantial issues.
As far as we could see, they were just boys and girls using their political connections to land mundane clerical and secretarial jobs. As such, we could tolerate politicians shovelling dunderheads onto the government payroll.

It turns out that we were horribly wrong to underrate their capacity to participate in activities that could potentially ruin the country.
This is why Muckraker would like to profusely and sincerely apologise to Hlope Matla, Uncle Tom’s aide when he was prime minister. This is a genuine apology for taking him lightly when he was capable of ‘big’ things.
We now know that apart from catering to Uncle Tom’s whims and probably reminding Uncle Tom about his bathroom breaks, Matla was also plonking his signature on highly important government documents.

He is alleged to have signed as a witness to the M2 billion solar deal now threatening to bankrupt this country. The nerve of it is staggering.
A man who is not even officially recognised as a civil servant was busy ‘witnessing’ multi-billion contracts. He probably thought he was doing his master a favour.
So had a minister called Temeki Tšolo inviting another inept but over-exuberant political appointee to sign a document whose import they both did not understand.

Matla is now saying he signed a letter, not a contract. Holy crap! Your brain is the size of the full-stop at the end of this sentence if you believe such a pathetic lie.
It’s either he was hoodwinked into signing ‘witnessing’ a contract presented to him as a mere letter or he signed a contract he didn’t even read.
Appallingly, he thinks such an inane explanation will get him off the hook.

In his warped mind, he thinks he can explain this monumental mess by claiming to be a victim of a sly businessman who has always been out to load his pockets with Lesotho’s money.
That he could conjure up such a dud explanation, indicates how delusional he is.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!


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