Holy manure!

Holy manure!

You don’t need to have the brain of a chicken to know see the silliness of forcing social media users with 100 followers to register.
Whoever suggested the 100 figure should be captured and consigned to Mohlomi Hospital. He is a danger to himself.

It is a notorious fact that most Facebook users have more than 100 friends and the platform’s limit is 5 000. Anyone who doesn’t know this has no business having a brain or breathing our Lord’s air. That point alone is enough to illustrate that anyone who insists on regulating Facebook users with 100 or more friends is high on something illegal.

Muckraker finds it both funny and sad that a whole regulator wants to spend time chasing social media users whose posts amount to nothing substantial. They want to regulate WhatsApp groups discussing mundane things.

You must be underworked and overpaid to want to control a WhatsApp group of prostitutes discussing the new tariffs or a kid posting silly videos on Tiktok or a slay queen showing off their pizza.
It takes some nerve to want to regulate a person live-streaming their relative’s funeral. There must be some mischievous character whispering silly things to those in the echelons of the regulator.

Otherwise there is no other way to explain this pathetic reasoning that says sending a message to your stokvel group is broadcasting. Only in Lesotho is posting a selfie defined as broadcasting.
But do not be fooled. The LCA is not oblivious to the inanity of its regulations.

It knows that it is selling hot water at a market. The technocrats there are not fools.
Most of them know that they are on a fool’s errand. They have seen these excitable tendencies before. They probably remember Khotso Letsatsi’s threat to shut down social media.

That came to naught and this too will die a natural death.
And that will not be because of some divine intervention. It is just that at some point silly things have to come to an end. Such tomfoolery comes with an expiry date.

In the meantime, Muckraker hopes the LCA will suddenly call a press conference to announce that all this noise was caused by someone who lost or is using the wrong calendar.
They can say they all bumped their heads on a wall and forgot that it was not April Fool’s day.

They can also blame this mess on Covid-19 or on the rains that have delayed. Until then, Muckraker stands ready to strip naked. She is hoping that they will not be the butt of cruel jokes in the village.

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