How to treat foot-in-mouth

How to treat foot-in-mouth

YOU don’t need to have set foot in a law school to know that the death penalty doesn’t stop people from committing murder. There is no evidence that countries that have the death penalty in their statutes have fewer murder cases than those that don’t hang murderers.
Countries that have abolished the practice of sending criminals to the gallows have not seen a spike in murders. This is not legalese but simple logic.

So why are our politicians clamouring for the death sentence as a way to curb the recent scourge of murders?
The simple answer is that elections are just around the corner and they have caught the usual populist fever that afflicts them when they want votes.

The other, which is more complex and probably more plausible, is that the politicians don’t know what they are talking about.
That ilk is susceptible to a foot-in-mouth disease, which disconnects their busy mouth from their sleepy brains. At its most vicious, the illness shuts down the brain and makes it impossible to control the mouth. Symptoms include loss of control of the mouth, a compulsive urge to waffle and violent hostility to knowledge.

Often, the patient forgets obvious things. In this case, Mosisili and his protégé Mokhothu, who are pushing for the death sentence, conveniently forget that their congress movement had a hand in creating the mess. They were there when the judiciary began striving for the mediocre.
It is them who have turned our police officers into thugs.

They have played a part in making our society angry, always on the brink of violent explosion. Their parties are overflowing with famo gangsters who kill for fun.
Leaders of those violent gangs are doing high-fives with politicians while their members kill with impunity. So, what is the treatment for foot-in-mouth disease?
Doctors recommend a slap in the face, sewing the mouth, bashing the head with a molamu or a thumping defeat in elections.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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