If corruption was a person

If corruption was a person

By now you have noticed that the biggest thieves are the same people who masquerade as paragons of virtue.
The same opposition characters claiming to be fighting corruption were in the previous government that robbed us blind. They have the energy to fight because their tummies are brimming with stolen food.

They are perched atop of a mountain of money while screaming about corruption. That anyone from the AD can shout about corruption is a sick joke.
In fact it’s criminal. If stealing was a person its name will be AD. Of course some small fish in the party can claim that they never took a cent. Well, it’s not that they didn’t want to steal but that they lacked the opportunity. There is nothing much to steal from rallies.

Yet they should grieve because their leaders ate on their behalf. That is the cruel nature of politics. Those who sing at rallies don’t sit as the high table. They are not even allowed near the shindig.
The same is true for the LCD charlatans who have suddenly stumbled upon the holier-than-thou attitude. We know how government money grew legs during their administration.

Millions of Maloti would connive to leave government accounts and take a 4plusOne to an individual’s account. When asked why their accounts were so full they fought like mad dogs to avoid answering.
DCEO: Where did you find the money?
LCD chap: It’s mine!
DCEO: But you don’t earn that much!
LCD: Hela! Chelete ena ke e aka, u se k’a mpotsa ntho e sele.
DCEO: We will get the court to freeze the account.
LCD: U nts’u ntloaela kea bona.

Tenders would miraculously award themselves to the losing bidders. The undeserving beneficiaries of these corrupt deals would call the loot mpho ea balimo while winking at their partners in crime.
Let’s not hear a single minister who was in the previous government feigning disgust at corruption. We know most of them were the Feselady’s puppets.

It’s the same Feselady who had shoved the government into her armpits. The truth is that most of those screaming about corruption don’t abhor it.
They passionately love it. It’s just that they have been elbowed from the kitchen where corrupt deals are cooked. They seek accommodation not an end to sleaze.

Because they have not been selected for the team they pretend to be objective referees. We know they want to steal the ball. They have done it before. Only suckers will buy their nonsense.

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