Just give him a nyatsi

Just give him a nyatsi

It is about time we give Justice Moseneke a piece of land in Lesotho, some goats and a donkey in Lesotho. Land to build a modest house, goats for relish and a donkey to gallop around the country stopping fights between our politicians.

For good measure, we can get him a yellowbone nyatsi to give him a massage every time he comes back home. Breaking up fights between rotund politicians gives sore muscles.
The point here is that Moseneke should be permanently based in Lesotho because this business of jetting in and out will not take us anywhere.
The so-called national reforms will drag on for several more years. It is a notorious fact that our politicians are like crèche kids who need full time attention. No, that is a lie.

They are not “like” crèche kids but they are the de facto crèche scoundrels. The retired judge must accept that he is not here as a SADC facilitator but a principal of a kindergarten populated by rascals called politicians.
One day he will come back to this unruly crèche to find a student having swallowed a broom or another drowned in a VIP.
Left to their own devices, they will burn the school, pop each other’s eyes and grope the teachers.

In fact, there is already a clear trend that every time he leaves the crèche the politicians get up to some serious high jinks.
The last time he spent a few days away from Maseru some MP did some popolentanging shenanigan on an innocent bum. When he spent a few weeks in South Africa the chief at the National Reforms Authority pulled the middle finger on the government after it tried to tell him what to do.

By the time Moseneke “jetted” in the government was sulking like a teenage boy dumped by a girl. He is back in Maseru again because some two politicians ran to him, hands over head, after a court ruled that they should be prosecuted.
Brother Mochoboroane and DJ Waters want Moseneke to stop their arrest and prosecution. Once again Moseneke will have to intervene. And so the merry-go-round will continue. Amidst this the dizzying lies will be in overdrive. Already the LCD, that party whose supporters cannot fill a wheelbarrow, has set the ball rolling by cooking up a pathetic lie that DJ Waters’ arrest will kill the reforms.

The DC is shrieking in another corner. Their story is the same as that of the LCD.
Yet there is no evidence that the arrest of Brother Mochoboroane, DJ Waters or any other politician will sabotage the reforms. All we have are people desperately clutching on to Clause 10 which the court has said is unconstitutional.

Unable to make a cogent argument, the parties are concocting lies and scaremongering. The truth is that there is absolutely no link between the lawful prosecution of suspects and the reforms.
The absence of Brother Mocho and DJ Waters will not kill the reforms. In any case no one has said they will be denied bail. There is no rule that says a politician facing trial cannot participate in the reforms.

And even if they are denied bail their parties and deputies can still add their two cents to the reforms dialogue. No one will stop the politicians from making their submissions from the comfort of their jail cells. Being in jail can give them ample time to introspect without distractions.

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