Just kiss  your government

Just kiss your government

Sefofane u ntlele le lipompong (aeroplane, please bring me some sweets).
Anyone who grew up in Lesotho would recall how, as a child, they made that plea to every aeroplane flying over their village.

By the first grade Muckraker knew that aeroplanes don’t give a hoot about her incessant appeals for candy.  Those stingy flying machines never dropped even a single bonbon. With time, Muckraker made peace with the fact that there was no point in yelling at aeroplanes to bring toffees. They had made their point with their silence.

What she didn’t know was that there were some boys and girls who swore revenge against the aeroplanes for their contempt.
Those people are now adults and in high offices in this coalition government. And they are not asking for candy but riding those planes for fun. Every time they get into a plane they say: Lumela sefofane, ua na ua ntima lipompong. Joale ke tl’o u thapisa, ke u loabele joaloka Sara. Perverts should take their minds out of the gutter because Sara is just a donkey.

The only problem is that an aeroplane is not as cheap as Sara.
That is why in the past eight months government officials have spent a shocking M200 million on international trips. They are gallivanting across the globe at the government’s expense and no amount of screaming from the masses will stop them.

There are ministers who literally live on planes these days.  Some are just dropping by in Lesotho to check on their cows, goats and girlfriends before getting back in the air.

Some ministers have not spent more than a day in their offices since January.
Floodgates have been opened and it’s a free for all as seniors scramble to make the most of what remains of their uncertain tenure in the government.
They are in a feeding frenzy because they don’t know how long they will remain at the feeding trough.

Their gourmandizing is astounding. So is the brazenness and arrogance with which they are partaking in the looting. Uncle Tom cannot stop his battalion because he too is living in the skies these days. It’s clear that the ministers and hangers-on are taking cue from the top.

That is why they can ashamedly justify raiding the emergency budget to keep the jamboree going. Dr Majoro, the man who once threatened to end the flying party, has been shoved aside.

He has probably been told to mind his own money and let the rats into the government granary. Rumour has it that some haughty ministers have told him that he should rather join the shindig instead of stopping it. And so he watches, arms akimbo, as the rats munch on.

The same people who accused Size Two of treating the state’s purse like a personal piggybank have broken into the vault and are stuffing our money into their pockets, beards, socks, armpits and underwear. The inmates are now in charge of the madhouse.

This is what happens when you hire and elect hungry people. Basotho are paying for having leaders who deliberately confuse government’s pockets for their own.

They are making up for all the years they were too poor to afford makoenya. They are loading their tummies for the lean days that will sure come when they are booted out of government.

They know those days are coming sooner rather than later.
Their policy is: let’s eat now comrades for the days of hunger beckon.
People who have never paid for a taxi to Thaba-Tseka are travelling First Class.

Muckraker will tell you today that 99.8 percent of those who have turned the First Class into their permanent homes have never paid for their own plane tickets in their lives. Some of them have never paid for a bus ticket.
Yet here they are, having their poor bums repeatedly massaged by cosy First Class seats.

It’s as if they have title deeds for the First Class.
Some have become so comfortable in their shenanigans that they are taking their maids along. If they had it their way they would carry their dogs and goats.

After all, they are not the ones paying for the ticket.
Our senior officials have a sickening attitude towards state funds. To them government money grows on trees. The international trips have become the new way of stealing from the government because they don’t carry the same risk as tender rigging and bribery.

No one will ever be investigated for being part of Uncle Tom’s entourage.
The tickets and the fat per diems are easy to justify because they are approved by the highest offices in the ministries.

It is time for Lesotho to redefine what constitutes corruption because crooked characters keep inventing new ways to help themselves to state resources.

There was a time when civil servants were taken to task for stealing cash and taking bribes. Others got in trouble for tinkering with tenders. Those days are gone. The new method of looting is foreign trips and per diems.
Unfortunately, our MPs will never jump into action because they too are in the vault.

Their interest-free loans have been paid. They claim allowances for sessions they don’t attend. They know the little work they do cannot justify their salaries.

So the looting will continue until Basotho take a stand. Muckraker is not advocating a revolution but just a gentle reminder to the senior officials that this is not their money and will never be. Just because we allow them to control it doesn’t mean they should spend it willy-nilly. Nada!

But Muckraker doesn’t have even a speck of empathy for the political zealots that are now screaming at this government.

They are getting what they deserve. You will recall their unbridled excitement after the June 2017 election. We were told, without any evidence or logic, that Lesotho was about to be transformed into a Canaan of sorts.
The industries will be teeming with jobs, they said.

Corruption and nepotism would end. Basotho children will be swimming in honey. Size Two was the main problem, they claimed. We now know that those were wet dreams.

The trouble is that some zealots are still in denial and are cooking up excuses to defend the government. They say it is the people around Uncle Tom who are bungling and looting.

Blame it on the Feselady, the say. Uncle Tom is being let down by his appointees. Well, that is tosh. We should roast in our misery until something gives. Don’t shout or scream. Shhhhhhhh! Just shake your head and whistle. This government is yours for keeps. Just kiss it and shut up. Mwaaaaaa!

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!


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