Just zip it ntate moholo

HERE we go again. Another artificial brouhaha is upon us. This time Uncle Tom is moaning about his delayed benefits.
The hypocrisy is shuddering. The man has only been out of the government for some two months but is shrieking about his benefits.

Yet there are hundreds of former civil servants who have been waiting for their benefits for years. Some are neck deep in debt while others have met their Maker.

Uncle Tom should just zip it and wait for his benefits to crawl through the bureaucratic jungle he allowed to grow when he was in government for more than half a century. For fifty-five years he had a chance to sort out the mess but he didn’t.

Now he is screaming because the rotten system is working against him. Phew!
Get out of here Old Timer! He must taste his own medicine with a smile.
Those fighting in Uncle Tom’s corner are advised to find something useful to grumble about instead of cooking up the wretched lie that someone is blocking his benefits.

The fact is that Ntate Moholo should wait for his benefits like other former civil servants. There is nothing special about him. He must join the long queue of other former government employees wallowing in poverty while waiting for their pensions. That is how it’s supposed to be.

The system doesn’t work because Uncle Tom failed to make it work. It cannot be suddenly efficient on him when it has dismally failed other pensioners.
He is not a victim but an architect of the system.
And it’s not as if the man is already starving.

All those he soaked into the feeding trough during his time in government could spare a few coins for him to get by while he waits for his benefits.
There are many donors that could come to his rescue. It is time for John Xie to show that he is a real lechina. Stone Shi, the pickpocket who nicked millions from wool farmers, should be paying his tribute.
Phori, the Chihuahua that won’t shut up, should take care of his godfather.

Uncle Tom can ask the Feselady to empty the bank accounts of her dubious Trust Fund.
Muckraker hears that the fund is awash with cash from the Chinese, bootlickers and other people who were buying favours from the Feselady.

There must be something left from the per diems the couple received when they were globetrotting. Remember that Uncle Tom once received so much per diems on his visit to Kenya that he forgot his official speech.
Surely the Feselady has not swallowed all those thousands in a few months.

That ugly pink suit the Feselady made for Uncle Tom during the Cancer Week could not have finished the per diems.
In the meantime, Uncle Tom must sit on a rocking chair and ask the Feselady to rub his feet while counting the days before his benefits come.

While at it, we should be asking where a man who was recently said to be critically ill gets the energy to scream so loudly about money. Why the hell is he worried about earthly things when he should be fighting for his life?

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