Keep hacking the tosh

Keep hacking the tosh

Oops. The Ministry of Communications’ archaic website has been hacked again. Some rookie hacker is having a blast fiddling with that ancient thing government calls a website. Media reports said local and foreign specialists worked overnight to regain control of the website.

Which makes the whole spectacle hilarious because the website has nothing of value. Our government hired foreign experts to defend a website no one reads. Not even the government officials themselves read it.
It can go for months without any update.
And when they decide to plonk something it is often some shoddily written press statement which only makes sense to those with the gift of prophecy or bone-throwing.

Muckraker reads it with a bottle of something strong to soothe the excruciating pain induced by the toxic syntax it oozes.
One tot per sentence is the ideal dosage, although sometimes you might need a whole glass when they start calling a ‘he’ a ‘she’. Sometimes you need a mask to read the statements because the confusion will make you sneeze. A friend says he caught a nasty rash after consuming the gobbledegook.

Another had a running stomach for days. That is why Muckraker thinks the government should stop trying to save the website from hackers. There is no point.
In fact, the hackers might be doing the government a favour by upending the website. Most people only discover that the ministry has a website after reading news of its hacking in the press. The hacking helped market the website.

The hacker’s message on the website is more interesting than the content. The attack could also be useful to remind the ministry’s officials that they have a website. Most seem to forget the eyesore exists.
Muckraker doubts that there is a group of hackers targeting the website. It’s probably some young rascal holed up in his mother’s basement while unleashing a practical joke on an incompetent government.
There is no real informational value in the website. No sensitive data to harvest.

Just the grey picture of a Minister, who doesn’t know how to connect to Wifi, and some outdated announcement. Anyone who says Brother ’Maseribane knows the difference between a mouse and a keyboard is a wretched liar. One day we must have a frank discussion about how he found himself in charge of a ministry that deals with communications, technology and science.
Rumour has it that he doesn’t even know what hacking is. It’s possible that when told about the hacking the Minister asked if they could not just call the hackers to ‘unhack’ it.

You are never asked about your experience. You just have to be there when the positions are being dished out like khemere at a funeral. A prime minister can just pelt you with a cabinet position as you do your ‘thang’ in the VIP.
The point is that whoever is hacking the ministry’s website should not tire because they are doing a national service. Muckraker’s only wishes they have a way to spy on the cabinet meetings.

We have to know what those bearded men and breasted women are smoking in those meetings.
Only when we know the leaves they smoke can we understand why they make such lousy decisions.
It’s as if after taking a few puffs one minister announces that they have discovered another strategy to make our lives miserable. There will always be one high minister who says “I wholeheartedly second that plan”.

Of course, there will be a few sober ones who will ask about the implications of the decisions but the rest will insist on plodding ahead.
The measure of competence seems to be the ability to come up with the most incompetent ideas. If you think Muckraker is stretching just look at the decision to open the borders in December. There is no way any sober person would have concocted that decision. Never!

It’s possible that some cabinet ministers insisted that those coming from South Africa be thoroughly screened and quarantined but, because of the whiff of Mapoteng high grade in the room, some said that will be a waste of money.

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