Kiss your baby

Kiss your baby

ONE day, when all the madness in our country ends, we should talk about how Pelele Letsoela became the chairman of the National Reforms Authority (NRA).

At the moment even goats are baffled at his spectacular rise to lead probably the most important project in Lesotho since independence.
While we are still puzzled, Old Pelele has moved fast to become a pain in the government’s behind. The government just cannot handle the stubborn chap as he insists on running the NRA as he sees fit.
Pelele is unleashing sharp elbows on anyone who tries to encroach on his turf.

You could see the government’s irritation with Pelele when it desperately called the SADC facilitator to help clip his wings. That doesn’t seem to have happened because Pelele recently discovered the word “autonomy”. He will use that word as a shield until the government comes to him grovelling.
The inquiry now should be on how a nonentity like him got to lead an institution of such national importance.

Professor Mahao thinks Pelele is a cantankerous character who is getting too big for his shoes.
He is right but it must be clear that it’s the politicians who lent Pelele those elastic shoes. Pelele is just stretching to his heart’s desire.

Blame that on the naivety of our politicians who elected him chairman.
Politicians from the big parties mistrusted each other so they dug deep into the bin of political parties and pulled out the Basotho Democratic National Party (BDNP).

They opened the BDNP ha re e Thaba Tseka and found Pelele stuck in one of the corners.
“Who the hell are you?” they asked.
“I am the BDNP’s deputy leader. I might have lost some teeth but I am the wise man you have been waiting for”.
And so the politicians thrust him into the NRA, hoping his lack of political clout would make him their toy.

They were wrong because Pelele is anything but pliable. He is giving them nightmares as he screams “autonomy” each time they want to control him.
The ‘puppet’ is not pulling the strings and the master is dancing vigorously.
Never in Lesotho’s history has a toothless man wielded such power over a government and a national project.

Yet neither the government nor politicians from large political parties should whinge about Pelele’s behaviour. They have themselves to blame for their lack of foresight.
Simple arithmetic proves the inanity of their decision.
The BDNP, Pelele’s little-known party, is a hovel. A silly excuse of a political party.

Exactly 15 935 people have voted for the BDNP since the 2007 election.
Your eyes are not deceiving you. It has taken Pelele’s party four elections to get to that number. Ten years is how long it took for the BDNP to get enough voters to fill up Sesotho Stadium. Keep reading for the story gets bizarre.
In the 2017 election some 235 729 people voted for the ABC. You may ask why Muckraker is plonking that number out of the blue but it’s crucial.
At the rate of 15 935 per ten years it will the BDNP 140 years to accumulate

the same votes the ABC won in the last election. It doesn’t end there. If Pelele, who is 72, wants to see the BDNP amass that amount of votes he would have to live until he is 212 years old. Meaning he must live until the year 2160.
Muckraker is saying this to show that Pelele comes from a pathetic little party and should not be leading a national project like the reforms.

Muckraker also suspects the politicians fell for Pelele’s sweet tongue. Pelele is so eloquent he can convince you that a ball of manure is ice cream. It suits them right. They have been sweet-talking their way into parliament for too long. Pelele is foisting their own medicine on them. Pelele is their baby to kiss.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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