Lipstick on a frog

Lipstick on a frog

Hear, hear. A lie has been spreading like a veld fire.
It says the government is planning to ban second-hand vehicles.
It will be comforting if this was all the purveyors of the boloney are churning out but they have gone a little further to concoct a reason to justify their fib.

They say the moratorium on import permits is meant to protect South Africa’s devilishly greedy car industry. It is a believable falsehood because it’s wrapped in obvious logic. The idea that someone somewhere is out to get Basotho is appealing, especially for a people who already have a siege mentality.

The truth is however miles away from this nonsense.
Basotho can still import hand-me-down jalopies from Japan.
The moratorium affects the garages that have been cutting corners to get import permits. Let’s not hear the noise that the freeze will affect Lesotho’s car industry because there is nothing of that sort here. What we have are vehicle spaza shops owned by some tricksters ducking tax and abusing their permits while siphoning money from this country.

The idea that some people will lose their jobs is also a little overdone. A scarecrow of sorts. Basotho running mundane errands at those garages are not workers but slaves.
And let’s not entertain the predictable refrain that the decision will affect investors in Lesotho because that is tosh.

Those garages are not the investment Lesotho needs.
Just because you have come from another country to start a tuck-shop here doesn’t make you an investor.

A car shed is not an investment. Selling three ramshackles a month is not an investment. We should never confuse fly-by-night briefcase companies for investments.

Their exit will not change the price of bread here. Muckraker says: Good riddance.

May their businesses die for good.
Does Muckraker hear some mutterings about her being hostile to foreigners? Bull crap! Muckraker is hostile to bad investment whether from locals, the government or foreigners. To call those car garages an investment is to smear lipstick on a pig and call it a stunning beauty. Nada!

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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