Mahapa needs urgent help

Mahapa needs urgent help

Some people are just unforgettable. Not because of their brilliance but notoriety.
Muckraker will never forget Mothepu Mahapa, the flip-flopping Tele MP.
He defected from the DC to be appointed the deputy minister of the deputy minister of education. Yep, you read that right. Mahapa was once a deputy to deputy minister during the Uncle Tom/Feselady government.

So embarrassing was his appointment that none in government bothered to explain it as a mistake or oversight.
They just let him be and he was more than willing to be.
He was deputising the most useless position in government.
Anyone who knows a thing about government operations will tell you that deputy ministers are just passengers.

No, they are not passengers but the baggage atop a chicken bus.
They are not even allowed to sign press statements. They are just there because they have to be.

Civil servants who know this, simply ignore a deputy minister. Just make sure there is an office marked “Deputy Minister”, biscuits in the cabinet and bottles of water in the fridge.
The stooge will be happy to doze off from 9 to 5. You can invite them to a meeting just for protocol reasons or the fear that one day the Prime Minister might wake up on the wrong side of their bed and elevate them to Minister.

But no civil servant has ever been censured for being contemptuous to a deputy minister. Those appointees don’t matter.
Mahapa knew he was lower than a deputy minister so he largely kept his mouth zipped and pretended to be busy.
He probably played solitaire until his fingers were worn out. The man was waiting for the day the boss remembers that he was never supposed to be in that office in the first place.
That day eventually came and Mahapa silently left the office.

A few weeks ago, he defected back to the DC. He said no one should be shocked because he was returning home. No one cared about his political bed-hopping.
We all knew there was no chance in hell of Mr Softie being so daft to appoint him a deputy of a deputy.
Muckraker thought she had heard the last of Mahapa until his mouth opened in parliament.

This time, he was advocating for what he thought was a brilliant idea.
His big idea was that the government should sponsor tuition at initiation schools.
“A fee will be agreed to, so they should be covered like other students,” he said.

His justification is that initiation schools help instill a culture of confidentiality and transform boys into men to take care of their families and also to be able to protect the country”.
“That is our only institution with secrecy as other things were written in books by the whites,” he said.

It’s not too late for the Speaker to recommend that he be committed to a madhouse for a few weeks.
But before he does that, the Speaker should ask Mahapa about the curriculum and syllabus at the initiation schools.
Mahapa will claim to be bound by the secrecy code. Yet he insists Basotho should pay fees to ‘schools’ whose curriculum should remain a secret to everyone.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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