Maliehe’s tongue matters

Maliehe’s tongue matters

Prince Maliehe’s dismissal is funny as well. The dismissal letter must have found him already packing his bags.
Knowing that he is a mediocre Minister, Maliehe kept a Ha re eng Thaba Tseka full of his things.
He knew the day would come when he would be told to vamoose.

Maliehe has always been alive to the notorious fact that bootlicking, not competence, was the reason for his appointment. Remember how he would grovel at Uncle Tom. The yes-man always ready to do Uncle Tom’s bidding.
Bereft of any original idea of his own, he mastered the art of pandering to Uncle Tom’s whims.

That is why Muckraker was shocked when he slithered into Mr Softie’s cabinet after Uncle Tom was knocked out.
Perhaps Mr Softie thought the man could instantly switch masters. Every leader needs at least one sycophant besides them and Maliehe came highly recommended for that role.

If Mr Softie was in any doubt then Maliehe would have simply stuck out his tongue as evidence of his proficiency in the highly lucrative bootlicking sector.
The only problem was that Maliehe had his tongue glued to Uncle Tom’s boots.
There was therefore no way the man could be a useful brownnoser to Mr Softie.

At some point, Mr Softie realised that he had enough puppets to worry about a man whose tongue was already charcoal black with Uncle Tom’s shoe polish.
And so he booted him out before he could say “yes sir”.

Ideally, the people of Teyateyaneng should be thrilled that their MP now has time to focus on their issues.
But this is Maliehe we are talking about. He is always at sea and cannot swim.

It is doubtful he can spell his name under pressure.
His constituency has benefited little from his years in parliament.
They send him to parliament to serve their interests but he devoted his time and energy to being the chief groveler to Uncle Tom. A clown in Uncle Tom’s court. Now that he is no longer a minister, Maliehe can spend his time devising innovative ways to perfect his bootlicking skills.

There are countless strokes he hasn’t mastered. He might as well mentor some upcoming bootlickers in Uncle Tom’s camp. Such an important art should not be allowed to go with its owner.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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